One More Sleepless Night by Lucy King

Reviewed by Desere

The cause of sleepless nights are endless and when experiencing it, we all seek for a out in order to finally get some rest, for without rest we are just walking zombies with no means of making rational decisions.

So when Nicky decides she has had enough and that taking a vacation to exotic and relaxing Spain to try and take some control back over her life and see if she can finally get some much needed rest, she reckons all her problems are solved.

However, she does not count on coming face to face with a man that is guaranteed to give her hours and hours of erotic play and no sleep at all.

But when the man is drop dead gorgeous, dripping with sex appeal and mind blowing in bed what is one more sleepless night!

The characters were an absolute delight to read, Nicky was the kind of woman most of us are, cautious, yet looking for some fun at the same time, and completely in over her head at the end of it all, thus not sure where to go from there. This made her as said a delight to read as it was as if I could see myself and so many other woman through this character coming to life in vivid colour!

Rafael was brooding, sexy, strong, and a mystery all in one, the author did a absolute stunning job at exposing the true person inside letting me as reader see the man underneath the rough and tough exterior he tries to up keep for the outside world. I loved how the author let Nicky break through the barriers and let Rafael come alive!

The backdrop setting of Spain was simply exquisite and the author did an amazing job with the descriptions of it all. Romantic in every sense of the word, passionate and sexy. I could hear the guitars playing, the sounds of lovers in the dark, smell the essence of love blooming and darkness turning into light.

The dialogue was fun, witty, sexy, and laced with heaps of tension making the read just that much more fun to read. It was a sensual  sexy and powerful read and the author managed to touch each and every one of my senses.

I recommend this read for all Lucy King fans, lovers of romance found in exotic locations and  for those looking to escape to a world that is unlike their own where possibilities are endless.

5/5 star review
"Awakening of the soul wrapped in sexy heat"