The Things She Says by Kat Cantrell

The Things She Says

Reviewed by Desere

This was a romance with a whole new outlook on the world of love and emotion. The story is about VJ, after the death of her mother her father drowns his sorrows and when drunk takes it out on her. Fed up with it all and deciding her new life starts now, she takes off for Dallas determined to find her prince and make her own happily ever after fairy tale come true. She hitches a ride from a honest to goodness real life film director, bonus he is a sexy as sin Greek and races around in a Ferrari just as hot and fast as the man himself!

But Kris is not your average hero or rather knight in shining armour, his lack of emotion and letting go when it comes to relationships, love, passion and full out romance was truly disturbing. The man had me tied in knots trying to figure out what exactly is going on inside his weird world of visions on and off screen.

VJ however reckons she has got him all figured out and as they take a leisurely drive to Dallas she lays it all out in her take on stages of romance. These stages are as she has complied from the romance novels she read to her dying mother. And very soon Kris falls for each one, of course the real kicker here was how he puts the stages into action without hurting VJ ,loosing himself and getting VJ to actually notice that he is trying.

The characters of VJ and Kris were both very fun and kind of odd in the beginning of the read, as VJ has the oddest of sayings and outlooks on life, and Kris was truly a enigma going form 0 to 100 mph in less than 60 seconds, and it was almost unclear as to just how these two are meant to save each other. But soon the author let them both unfold through the various stages of romance and it became very clear as to where this story was going.

The author not only used the stages of romance used by a author when putting together a romance for us readers, which I may add was a truly fascinating touch, but she also let the stages really play out for me as reader by taking each one and applying it to Kris and VJ's relationship and letting it turn into a deeper meaning, which again was truly stunning as it was almost like a behind the scenes look of writing the perfect couple's romance.

Now as odd as that sounds it is actually the opposite, the book was yes written differently then your normal average meet, fall in love and live happily every after romance, but had all the goodness and wholesomeness of a modern day fairy tale, being brought to life with visions of everyday occurrences.

The read left me with feelings of happy ever after combined with emotional turmoil being exposed to reveal the real person we are inside. And after this read I will never ever look at a man and the car he drives without thinking if it matches his emotions! A must read for all lovers of romance with a modern day twist.

5/5 star review
"Seven sexy, sinful steps to happily ever after "