Their Most Forbidden Fling by Melanie Milburne

 Their Most Forbidden Fling

Reviewed by Desere

It has happened countless times in the past and no doubt it will happen in the future, people involved in car accidents feel responsible for the death of their passenger and or the other driver depending on the situation.

But learning to live with the guilt is never easy and for most people they end up with depression, suppressed anger issues, despair and grieve that can never truly be healed.

In the latest Melanie Milburne book the author gave me a glimpse into the world of learning to live with the guilt, and the what, who and how that can contribute to saving the person from a lifetime of regret and despair.

The read is about Molly and Lucas. Years ago Lucas was driving the car when his best friend and brother to Molly was killed and ever since he has lived with the guilt and sorrow of that terrible day. Lucas throws himself into his work and focuses on saving as many lives as possible. Most importantly he does not allow himself to love, for loving someone even as a friend could mean getting attached and that will lead to a world of hurt if brought to an abrupt end.

But with Molly the woman of his dreams ending up right under his nose suppressing his feelings and backing away is no easy task.

The main characters of Molly and Lucas were both very well written. Molly is kind and caring, strong and confident, and in no hurry to back down in getting the man she wants, which made me as reader love her to bits! Lucas is a man in pain, and in desperate need of redemption, but of course in true Melanie Milburne fashion he is also stubborn and on a mission of his own. This made for some wonderful moments of conflict.

The author did a brilliant job with the secondary characters, describing them with such detail that let me as reader truly feel connected to each and everyone of them, I could feel their pain, hurt, sorrow, concerns and fears and it all brought tears to my eyes.

The backdrop setting of a hospital was perfect as it blended in perfectly with the fact that Lucas is a Dr in need of having himself saved but instead focuses on saving other people's lives, I think if he had a different profession the book would definitely not have been a hit and it would have felt to me as it something just wasn't gelling.

The dialogue was at times a bit funny and flirty but most of the time really emotional and this matched the intensity and sorrow of live after death perfectly, the author did a true exquisite job at letting her characters speak to me as reader through their pain and what life brings afterwards.

The message I am taking away from this book is that one must always remember to look at the full picture and not just at what you see on the outside, for you never know what the person is going through.

Exquisite work Melanie !

I highly recommend this read for romance fans and lovers of deep, emotional and passionate reads.
5/5 star review

"She can save him but will he let her"

Review by Nas

THEIR MOST FORBIDDEN FLING by author Melanie Milburne is a Mills & Boon and Harlequin Medical release for April 2013.

There were definite sparks between Dr. Molly Drummond and Dr. Lucas Banning, her new boss. But they had history and Lucas didn’t want to take action on the attraction he felt for Molly.

Molly was his best mate’s sister and he didn’t want any more tension between their families. Not after the accidental death of his best mate, Molly’s brother.

But the unquenchable desire between them would not be ignored, so they started a fling. Would this fling ever be enough for Molly? Would she get her heart’s desire, her happy ever after?

Lucas was adamant that they would end this relationship when Molly would go back to Australia. But could he be satisfied? Could he let Molly walk away from him and maybe marry some other guy?

THEIR MOST FORBIDDEN FLING is a tale of new beginnings, redemption and hope that will make readers chuckle as well as wipe away a tear. A compelling medical drama about letting go of the past and seizing the day, it is fast-paced and sparkles with mesmerizing emotion and intense passion. USA Today Bestselling Author Melanie Milburne has delivered a tortured hero, who doesn’t believe in love, a strong feisty heroine, who wouldn’t settle for less, a very believable plot and romance to captivate medical romance lovers and readers.

My rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

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Review by TashNz

We all had at least one crush on our eldest brother's best friends when we were younger. The queen of heartfelt passion, Melanie Milburne, explores this in the beautiful medical tale that Their Most Forbidden Fling is.

A new job brings Molly and Lucas back together for the first time in a long time. Lucas was Molly's brother's best friend and after a terrible tragedy Lucas left town. With the charming cuteness that only a kitten can offer they are bought closer together. Working together is one thing but living together is another. 

Can Molly dampen the feelings when what she felt for Lucas when he was her brother's best friend starts coming back to her and can Lucas let himself move out of the past and into the future. As the title suggests there is a fling and it certainly is most forbidden. With obstructions from many angles can the past be overcome?

Molly and Lucas are well written. Lucas is internally buried with his past and Molly is the effervescent hopeful who knows deep down her feelings for Lucas need exploring. When they come together it's as explosive as their past.

I got such a warm-hearted feeling reading Melanie's latest story. I love her books because she always manages to hit the nail on the head with me when it comes to evoking feeling, passion and that desire I get to hope and wish Molly and Lucas can get the happy ever they deserve.  

4 loving stars

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Their Most Forbidden Fling by Melanie Milburne 

Dr. Lucas Banning has been pushing himself for years. He works as the head of the ICU at
St. Patrick's Hospital in London. His work is his life, he doesn't socialize or date. He buries himself in his work. He fights to saves lives, thinking that it will help him overcome the grief he still carries. Blaming himself for the death of his best friend Matt 17 years ago. He is dedicated, handsome, strong minded 

When Dr. Molly Drummond arrives from Australia for a three month internship, it brings back painful memories for Lucas. Not only is Molly his former neighbor back in New South Wales, she is also Matt's Sister. Having grown up around Lucas, Molly always has a little crush on him. But now that Lucas has grown into a handsome man, Molly is more attracted then ever. But Molly is no wallflower, while she is attracted to Lucas she is no pushover. She is intelligent , strong and feisty and has no problem voicing her opinions.

The passion between these two was really good, but I couldn't help but feel a little bit of a disconnect between them. Weather this was intentional by the author to show the struggle between Lucas and his attraction for someone he felt he had no future with or did not deserve I am not sure. Don't take me wrong this is still a really good read. I just found some of their conversations awkward. 

I enjoyed how Melanie Milburne wrote about the tuff subject of life & death in both the hospital setting, the ICU decisions that must be made. And showing how not only the doctors must handle and make decisions. But what family and friends go through and the choices they must make

Will Lucas ever come to grips with the accident that took his best friend? Will he agree he is deserving of Molly's love before it is too late? I must say without giving to much away, I loved how this story ended. 

4.5 /5 stars