A Game With One Winner by Lynn Raye Harris

A Game with One Winner

Reviewed by Desere

Lynn Raye Harris is back with yet another sexy as sin Russian bad boy! Yes she dazzled us with a Russian bad boy once before in Behind These Palace Walls.

Only this time the bad boy is hotter, sexier, more commanding and dripping with deliciousness!

A Game with one winner focuses on the live of Caroline, five years ago she let go of the man of her dreams, and married another all to save her family and their company. Roman was the love of her life and letting go was the worst thing she ever had to face. Moving on had been no easy task but being the strong fighter she is she had managed to get through it.

Only now Roman is back and he not only wants revenge by taking her company he wants to prove he can hurt her just as bad as she had hurt him by uttering the words that shattered is life like fine crystal being dropped from a height.

The main characters of Caroline and Roman were both strong people and therefore when going up against each other set off a series of sparks with more flare, drama, twists and turns then an attempt to make it out of a Manhattan traffic jam.

The secondary characters significance was truly essential as it brought it all together, from Caroline's deceased husband right through to the overly fun and lovable Blake. They each played a unique role in letting the secrets and mistakes of Roman and Caroline unfold into a full blown affair of the "whole world is watching us" kind.

Roman was however not the full out bad boy that he wants to be and the author lets his gentle and kind heart shine through whilst at the same time letting him still give the image of always in control and fighting, which I simply loved, as it surely cannot be easy to create a character who is both, but as reader you do not hate either one instead you get sucked into trying to find the reasoning behind his actions and personality. And wow did the author get my full attention, I simply could not get over this character of Roman, he blew me away!

The dialogue was laced with emotion and passion, speaking of two people who truly belong together but having to face so many obstacles. What I loved was how the author touched base not only with the feelings of the characters but delved so much deeper into their souls, letting me as reader feel connected. The author let the inner strength of her characters shine bright like stars in the open night sky, and this gave this read it's winning factor.

The author also added a very nice feature to her chapters, but of course if I tell what it would ruin this read for you all, so I will just say that I reckon the author would have made one heck of a reporter!

This was an all out romantic reunion story of a different kind as it was filled with so much more than a reader could ask for. A sexy, sensual, heartbreaking, filling you with joy, knocking you off your feet read, that will leave your heart beating faster and begging for a Russian bad boy of your very own.

5/5 star review
"Bad boy Russian takes heiress for the get-away of a life time"  

Review by TashNz

A Game With One Winner was a highly-passionate and emotionally-charged read about fiercely loyal Caroline and staunchly proud Roman, who were once in love and felt on top of the world with each other only to have fate step in and cruelly tear them apart. They are thrown back together when their paths cross  years later while Caroline is trying to save her generations-old retail empire.

As Caroline puts it, Roman has been circling for the last two years and she has known that one day he will turn up and take all that she has, all that she's known and all that she is because of their past.  Caroline is not only worried about their past coming back to haunt them but also their present which will ultimately affect their future.  

I think Lynn Raye Harris has done an extraordinary job of creating two characters who are at extreme ends of the spectrum, Caroline, of high-class retail royalty and Roman; a once-poor Russian who has had to crawl out from the bottom of the dirt heap to achieve his dreams only to be pushed back down to the bottom of the heap again.  Lynn Raye Harris also wastes no time with Roman and Caroline, their worlds collide on page 2.  Their silent gaze across the room to each other speaks volumes and I knew when Caroline high-tailed it out of there that I was in for a fantastic ride.   

Roman has a fierce determination to execute his plan and is determined to keep his feelings for Caroline buried deep but it's evident from chapter one how they felt about each other. Caroline's  exceptional circumstances diverted her path away from Roman, each one more heart breaking than the other and while she's crumbling inside while they jet-set around the world to visit her empire, she stands up and faces the world with her own  fierce determination.  The more Roman is involved with her the more his steel encased heart starts to crack open. 

So many reasons I loved A Game with One Winner it's hard to pick just a few to mention.  A Russian hero was unique to me because I haven't read many stories with Russian heroes.  It added something extra for me because the language is unique and unusual.  Desere, above, touches on another unique feature of this book which I absolutely adored. 

It's also no secret that I am a huge fan of second chance stories.  For me A Game With One Winner ticks all the boxes: gripping tension, heart-breaking emotion, built up passion but above-all deep and powerful true love! 

5 stars!


Reviewed by Nas

A GAME WITH ONE WINNER by Lynn Raye Harris is April 2013 release by Harlequin Presents.

Caroline Sullivan knew when Roman Kazarov came back on the scene and slowly circled closer to her and her company. His aim was to take the company to get revenge on Caroline. But what he didn’t know was the explosive secret Caroline was hiding  behind her dazzling smile! What would happen when Roman finds out Caroline’s secret?

A GAME WITH ONE WINNER is a lively contemporary romance with a strong heroine you will love and want to cherish and a gorgeous bad boy hero you are sure to swoon over. Lynn Raye Harris brings to live this sparkling tale of second chance, reunion romance with all the sensuality and tension which is her trademark!

Highly recommended and well worth reading!