The Merciless Travis Wilde by Sandra Marton

The Merciless Travis Wilde

Reviewed by Desere

In the third instalment of the Wilde series the author completely stunned me as reader. I was completely mesmerized by the character of Travis Wilde. Sexy and definitely merciless, he captured my imagination and blew me away, but he also showed so much tenderness and compassion towards the heroine Jennie, it brought me to tears to read how a man could love a woman so much.

Travis was portrayed to me as the ruthless and arrogant man we love to hate in the start due to some underlining Post Traumatic Stress Disorder issues from serving time in the war zone, which naturally lets him have these "I cannot love someone" issues. But he very quickly meets his match when he comes face to face with Jennie. Now Jennie is on a mission she is running out of time and she has to at least once experience sex before time runs out.

The author came up with such a punch line on this one, I firstly did not see it coming and secondly I was truly very pleased with the outcome and how the author zigged and zagged the edges together to make a explosive, passion infused, mind blowing read!

The incorporation of both Travis's brothers, whom also had their own books, made this read that much more real as the message of family stick together no matter what and will stand by you till the end, was brought home on every page.

I loved how the author let Travis be revealed to me as the kind of hero that wears his heart on his sleeve as he slowly falls in love with Jennie, as trust me in the start all I wanted to do was hit this man and I had to count to 100 before reading again as the man truly is such a idiot, but soon the author as I said lets him become the man that Jennie needs.

The ending was one that dreams are made of, and left me with that warm, fuzzy feeling of love and when you meet "the one" you must fight with your every last dying breath to be with them, even if it threatens to kill you.

The author is one of a writer that captivates, entertains and makes me a reader believe in dreams coming true! The book was a compelling, emotionally filled roller-coaster ride kind of read that left me truly breathless!

Bring me more Sandra please!
5/5 star review

" When you find your hero you will not need to face the horrors of the world alone"
Review by TashNz

It was absolutely fantastic to be back with the Wilde Brothers.
If you can put a name on that feeling you get when you think the new release can’t possibly be any better than the previous book – but it is – that’s how I felt powering thru Travis’s story.  I’m actually quite sad to have come to, potentially, the end of the Wilde Family Saga… potentially…
I love reading an opening chapter that reaches out the pages and grabs you around the collar demanding to be read, as The Merciless Travis Wilde did.  I was thrown straight into the action from page one and it continued at top speed thru till the end. I was completely held, couldn’t put it down.
Commitment-phobe Travis and risk taker Jennie are complete strangers when they meet, Travis deciding she’ll do to save him from a nasty bar fight,  Jennie eventually deciding he’ll do to help knock off a few items from her bucket list. 
I liked the original twist for Jennie, it was original to me, I haven’t come across a heroine with her kind of back story before.  
I’d also like to allocate a bright and shiny star to The Merciless Travis Wilde, just for the cover!  If you line all three up next to each other – explosive!