Tick-Tock We're 30 by Milan Vohra

Tick-Tock we're 30 by Milan Vohra

Reviewed by Desere

Awesome book alert! This was an absolutely stunning read full of fun and laughter.

The read is about twelve friends, who grew up together and are now embarking on a little reunion of sorts. But each one has a little "secret" so to speak and very soon the reunion turns into one of hilarious events , confessions and just plain absolute craziness.

Because there are so many main characters I am not going to go into detail on each one, but I will say that you will be hooked on each and everyone.

All characters main and secondary were exceptionally well written and stunningly depicted by the author. I truly felt connected to them all, it was as if I could truly see the emotions playing off their faces and hear their giggles.

The backdrop settings were fun and inviting giving the book that full of life element that I truly adore when it comes to a good romantic comedy read, as very often it happens that the read is funny but the backdrop is a dull or gloomy one and that just completely ruins the atmosphere for me as reader.

The dialogue was fun and fresh and really upbeat, I found myself laughing so hard at times that had I been in a room with others they truly would have thought me mad, as I could not stop laughing and the more I read the more I laughed, excellent work Milan!

But I will also say that most of the Hindi terms were ones that I have never heard, and I more than once had to fire up Google for some advise as to what exactly I was reading, but it did not however spoil this read for me.

Kind of like when your watching a film with no subtitles, you have no idea what the characters are saying but by their actions you know what is happening, the author's words even with Hindi terms still put me as reader in the loop and I was very comfy whilst reading this one.

I adored how the author took the idea of a reunion weekend to a whole new level by incorporating more than one main character instead of having the main focus on just two, then blending in loads of humour and in the end packing a punch of a finish!

I highly recommend this read for any reader looking for a fun and fresh read, that will brighten up even the dullest of days!

5/5 star review
"Celebrating life the fun, crazy, wild and wacky way" 

Reviewed by Maria

This author needs no introduction to readers of Indian fiction. She is no less a person than the first Indian Mills & Boon author, Her debut novel was THE LOVE ASANA, the first M&B novel containing Indian characters and situations. It was an impressive debut indeed, although at the time I felt that although it worked as an Indian novel, it was way too close to reality to be the escapist type of reading that the M&B reader craves. But then that’s what was so Indian about the book. In India, the most contrasting situations are happily juxtaposed – the good, the bad, the happy and the sad all co-exist in spite of each other. Or maybe because even because of each other.

There’s no such problem with TICK TOCK WE’RE THIRTY (hereafter referred to as TTWT). This is a madcap romantic comedy of a novel. Pure hilarity from start to satisfying finish. To begin with, there are twelve main characters. The old school/college gang who all grew up in the same neighbourhood in Delhi (Sarva Niketan, a fictional name) and swore a pact that no matter what, they’d all reunite when the youngest one turned thirty. Lara is the youngest and she has more reason to worry than most – she swore an additional pact with Nishad, another member of the group, that if neither of them had got hitched before the reunion, they’d be each other’s fall-back-on marriage partner. Something which Lara definitely doesn’t want to happen. Working in a modeling agency, she has access to good looking models. She recruits a handsome Turk model to pose as her banker boyfriend. The Turk can’t resist a performance and in no time is showing the gang his juggling skills. Hilarity ensues and the results are beyond what anyone could have foreseen. 

It’s not too difficult to remember all the names, they were soon rolling off my tongue as I read – Sita (short for Sitaram) Sai, Pap, Pathak, Nishad and Daniel. Not to mention Lara, Nanhi, Maneka, Reeti, fat Riya and thin Riya. Didn’t even have to look those names up, they’re all in my head. But there’s a hilarious cast of sub-characters too. Like the ghastly caricature of a woman whom a besotted Sita(ram) almost ends up marrying. The driver and the baby minder who have a romance as the reunion progresses, in the rented Sarva Niketan house where the week long get together is going on. I actually laughed till I cried at some of the scenes that played out. For what it’s worth, Bollywood should pick this one up, it’d make one amazing movie,

If there is any drawback, I would love to whisper in the publisher’s ear that a glossary should be provided to explain the Hindi terms, especially for the benefit of overseas readers who aren’t familiar with Hindi phrases. As a native English speaker who has lived in India, I had no problems understanding the phrases, but it might not be so easy for overseas readers, in my humble opinion. 

Over the week, the gang break up, make up and go through growing pains all over again. TTWT is a hilarious slice of life which fulfilled all my expectations as a reader. Paisa vasool (value for money) as we say in India.


Review by Nas
TICK-TOCK WE’RE 30 by author Milan Vohra is a March 2013 release by Westland Books Ltd.

This was a fun story incorporating a group of friends who made a pledge to meet for a reunion on one of the group, Lara’s thirtieth birthday. It was hilarious after that as they all had secrets, broke off and made up.

TICK –TOCK WE’RE 30 is written with warmth and charm. The story is full of fun and hilarity as we go on the journey with this group of friends. It hooked me in as a reader as it is an engrossing and fascinating tale that kept my interest riveted from beginning to end. I loved this book and author Milan Vohra’s story telling. Imagine if we could see this story as a movie? It would definitely be a chart-buster!

This is truly the whacky side of India’s first Mills & Boon author!

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