NYC Angels: The Wallflower's Secret by Susan Carlisle

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Reviewed by Desere

We all have our days when we feel like wallflowers, we can try dressing up or getting new shoes no matter what it does not work, but sometimes it does! But for some woman this is a constant everyday battle.

When the right man comes along you don't need any of the fancy clothes of hairdo's for the man will have you so tangled up you will be forgetting all about being a wallflower and instead blossom into a beautiful woman that you have been all along but could never see.

However if you have built a wall around your heart the right man will need to do much more than just give you compliments, in order to break through the ice.

In the fourth book of the new Mills and Boon NYC Angles series we meet Lucy, she solves others problems but she can not solve her own insecurities, and having Ryan drool over her is not helping one bit.

I loved, loved, loved the character of Ryan. Trust me ladies this is the type of man that will be able to boost the confidence of any woman, even if your covered in dirt, you make-up is all messed up and your looking like a drowned rat, this man will make you feel like you just stepped off the red carpet!

Lucy on the other hand was a bit frustrating as inner beauty if what really counts, and I did get to a point where I was ready to give her a good slap for not seeing what Ryan was telling her to be true.

But as the author lays out more of the reasoning behind Lucy's deepest secret and the entire picture comes into view, I very soon got a keen liking in Lucy and was soon rooting for her to find her groove!

The backdrop settings were exciting and very sexy. The dialogue was very clever as the author lets her character's fun and flirty side speak to me as reader drawing attention away from the true emotional turmoil Lucy is facing, but also at the same time reminding me that sometimes the right person can bring out the best in you when your not looking.

I highly recommend this read for romance fans all over the world. You will be taken on a journey of the perfect man setting free a "pot-plant" trapped inside a "rose".

5/5 star review
" Revealing her true beauty, layer by sexy layer" 

Reviewed by Maria

Meet Ryan O'Doherty, the son of a New York Irish policeman.  He's never lived anywhere but Brooklyn and he's a neurosurgeon.  Meet Lucy, a hospital family counsellor.  Ryan and Lucy are teamed up to work together.  Can the brash New Yorker and the gentle southern belle hit it off?  The trouble is, Lucy's not as soft spoken as she looks.  She can turn into a tigress if someone pushes her buttons.

As Ryan and Lucy work together and get to know each other, Ryan comes to know that Lucy's nursing a terribhle secret.  Something which has left her feeling robbed and bereft and has almost ruined her relationship with her only sister.  So what's that secret?  Will Ryan be able to discover what it is and help Lucy to over come it?

This emotional love story kept me riveted.  A truly satisfying, emotional read.  Susan Carlisle's work is like that.  Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

The story also provides a fascinating insight into the hospital counselling process in a busy hospital environment.  Fascinating.


 Review by Nas

NYC Angels THE WALLFLOWER’S SECRET by Susan Carlisle in a Mills & Boon Medical Romance series for April 2013.

Lucy Edwards hides her pain and her heart under wraps. Then she meets neurosurgeon, Ryan O’Doherty and they are roped to work together. Will she unwrap her heart and her feelings for Ryan?

What about Ryan? He is also hiding his own pain, will he let Lucy in his heart and life for keeps?

Susan Carlisle does a great job of showing how people lie to themselves to save their feelings and soothe their egos. Both Lucy and Ryan have plenty of emotional baggage with their names on it. How will they get past all their secrets and guilt?

Shimmering with breathtaking romance amid the medical drama, spectacular emotional punch, a believable conflict and vivid atmospheric details THE WALLFLOWER’S SECRET is sure to thrill medical romance readers.

4.5 out of 5 Stars.
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Review by TashNz

If The Wallflower's Secret was a song it would be a power ballad.  A warm story which slowly builds into a strong, loud and emotive tale that packs a punch.  Love and heartache is explored in the high-pressured  pediatrics environment where Lucy, a counsellor, is assigned to work with pediatric neurosurgeon Ryan O'Doherty.

Lucy, new to NYC and to Angels follows Ryan from patient to patient, offering a human face and heart to the parents of Ryan's patients, helping them emotionally through every procedure.  A stark contrast to Ryan's clinical approach.    Lucy tries to go about her daily business ignoring the heartache that doesn't disappear  or can't be forgotten about while she's working with kids.

Ryan who also has his own walls up notices Lucy, she's clearly attractive but does all she can to be not noticed.  She unwittingly catches Ryan's attention when she has a right go at him for his clinical and standoffish approach to his patients parents.  Ryan's curiosity is sparked.  It's not long before he learns what's behind her sad eyes.  As much as he tries to fight his natural instinct to not care about anyone else, for the first time in a long time, there's something about Lucy that makes him want to care again.

Like my power ballad analogy Lucy and Ryan circle each other slowly before being drawn together into a whirlpool of emotion and realism of each others past.  Susan Carlisle had Lucy and Ryan's individual personalities and history, combined with their high-pressured environment, take me on a deep and emotionally challenging journey as a reader, which powered up into an emotive and solid read as I turned each page.  A good power ballad is expressive and emotional, I think this sums up The Wallflower's Secret perfectly..

NYC Angels: A fantastic series about the lives and loves of the staff at Angel Mendez Children's Hospital.  The Wallflower's Secret is a fantastic addition to this must-read series.  In my opinion Susan Carlisle has written another winning medical romance and is a firm favourite of mine for this genre.  I would highly recommended The Wallflower's Secret to all Medical Romance Fans; lovers of mini-series's and anyone who loves a strong, well built story which has substance and has two well written and believable characters like Lucy and Ryan.

I also LOVE the covers!

4.5 Stars