Sydney Harbour Hospital : Evie's Bombshell by Amy Andrews

Evie's Bombshell (Sydney Harbor Hospital#9)

Reviewed by Desere

I have always loved a good medical romance, as those are the kind that not only reveal a couple and their relationship to a reader but also have all the elements of a world of medical knowledge only known to those in the medical world, being unveiled to me as reader, which is by far better than any old medical drama show on tv!

Now as the title suggests it is quite the bombshell that Evie needs to break to the love of her life, being pregnant puts things into whole new light, only she is the love of his life too but he will not admit is as the hero of Finn is a big old emotional mess and has some serious issues that prevent him from loving anyone.

And there you have it, the perfect plot for great conflict filled, emotional baggage being unpacked read,  add in the level of heat and passion this author is well know for, splash some medical drama in and voilĂ   I had myself a awesome read!

The main characters were both memorable ones, as with Evie being the strong, supportive one getting to a point where she is the one needing to ask for help and support and with Finn being the one always needing support but never taking it and then suddenly realizing he not only needs it but also needs to return some of it was excellently written and captured my attention, that is also my dear reading friends why these two characters were matched up perfectly.

I loved how the author let the character of Finn unfold and gave me insight into his heartache and demons he was fighting but she did not just reveal and layer it back for me, she truly let the character of Finn open up like a good book. Giving me as reader that much more into his mind than what I usually see in books with tormented hero's. I also liked that in a way Evie is not the one to just safe Finn but in a way he also saves her, even though the hero is the one that really needs saving.

I was not so much impressed that these two bounced around each other for so very long before the bombshell brought them to a point where there was no return, but as I read on I could also see the reasoning from the authors side as to just why she lets it drag out before making the big splash!

The emotion the author packed into the past demons of Finn which in turn created his current torment was spectacular, she had me crying my eyes out and more than once I might add it felt as if my heart was breaking. A definite word of advise, stock up on the tissues you will need them!

The setting of the hospital was also very nicely incorporated into the book and it showed me the side of Dr's still just being human like the rest of us, they also get scarred to death and need to learn to deal with it.And the message of why Dr's do not make diagnosis on those they love hit home for me.

I feel that if I reveal any more than I will spoil this excellent read for readers. I am going to round things up by saying that if your a fan of the tv drama's such as ER and the love triangles, trials and tribulations that go with working in a hospital then this book is for you.

If however you love a good romance but not any life or death,  underlining psychological issues or emotional upset than this one is not for you, and I suggest you pick up a non medical romance related book.

For me however, I loved it all and the author had me on chapter one!
5/5 star review
"Letting go of the past and fighting for the future one tormented heartbeat at a time"