NYC Angels: Unmasking Dr Serious by Laura Iding

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Reviewed by Desere

We all know that when someone is moody and over demanding the best way to handle them is to let your smile blind them like bright rays of sunshine, it will infuriate them to the point of insanity!

In this read the third book in the all new Mills and Boon NYC Angels series, it is exactly what bright, always cheerful Molly does to Mr- melt-all-my-defences-your-heart-is mine Dr Dan Morris.

Dan's son is in need of of help regaining the ability to walk and Molly is the best in the business.

However Molly's game like approach to help Josh is not what Dr Delicious Dan has in mind, his son needs help and no sunny, bright-eyed woman is going to tell him that this approach will work.

He won't be taking any advise from her, woman are trouble and listening to anything they have to say only ends in disaster. But Molly has other plans to show this Dr he needs to stop trying to heal other's hearts as he is in need of having his own heart healed before it's too late.

The main characters of Molly and Dan were pure delight! I loved how Molly takes a go at Dan every opportunity she gets even though she knows it can mean the loss of her job. She tells it like it is making her strong and confident enough to take on this hero and all his excess baggage.

I adored how Dan is a tormented hero, with a ex from hell and trying his hardest to be the best possible father to his very sweet adorable little boy, who I must tell you ladies is such a sweetheart of a character he will instantly crawl into your hearts as he did mine.

Dan is the ultimate single father, kind and caring when he needs to be but also stubborn as a mule when it comes to letting go and letting someone else take a go at solving the problem.

The backdrop setting of New York was perfectly interlinked with the characters and their emotions. The rat race like atmosphere of the hospital linking in with the mad dash of events that poor Dan has to keep up with to ensure life for his son goes smoothly.

The dialogue was fun and feisty as Dan and Molly go head to head and also flirty and sexy as the sexual heat between them bubble to a point of eruption.

I simply adored the message this book gave me as reader, never be affraid to take advise from someone on the outside looking into your world, for you do not see what they see, and once you do you will learn that you can at any given moment loose it all.

I highly recommend this read for lovers of romance with a medical aspect and for those looking for a heartfelt and emotionally packed read.

5/5 star review
"Healing his heart, one breathless whisper at a time" 

Reviewed by Maria

Dan's a paediatric heart surgeon.  Molly's a physical therapist.  The love of Dan's life is his son Josh, a physical therapy patient, having lost the use of his legs in a car accident.  Molly's cheerful approach to therapy soon wins the hearts of the father and son duo.

Molly nurses a lot of hurt inside, which doesn't necessarily show up on the surface.But she's sore at the second best tag she's been stuck with.  Her adoptive parents adored her - until their own child was born.  Her previous boyfriend loved her for taking care of his kids - until he fell in love with another woman.  The last thing Molly needs is stepping into the mom/wife role only to be dumped again when Josh is ready to move on.

Can Dan - and Josh - convince Molly to change her mind?

Molly's character really struck a core with me.  Her struggle not to get bitter in spite of having such a good a bad time touched my heart.  Read Dan and Molly's story.  If you love medical romances, you'll love this one, set in a large NYC children' hospital.