Why Resist A Rebel by Leah Ashton

Why Resist a Rebel?

Reviewed by Desere

Working with sexy, drop dead gorgeous actors must me a dream of many woman out there, even if your just an extra on the set and get to catch a glimpse of the hunks it should be an amazing feeling, and I bet your knees is guaranteed to go weak!

However Ruby get a kick from working on movie sets, the lights, camera  action, glitz and glam and most of all she loves applying her organizational (however un-organized they may be) skills to let everything run smooth, and the sexy men are just another part of the job to her.

But when she bumps into I-want-to-touch-you-all-over Devlin Cooper she is at a loss for words and suddenly cannot remember why she has a rule about never getting involved with actors.

The main characters were both written well, Ruby is smart, funny, feisty, strong and independent and does things her way to get the job done. I loved that she is the official problem solver and that nothing not even playing "fetch me ridiculous items" to Devlin gets the girl down! But of course like us all she does have some issues to work on.

Devlin was more of a lone wolf kind of character and a real badboy but only to the outside world. He has screwed up and as we all know any kind of scandal can mean the end to any actors career or even cause then to need to rebuild by re-starting at the bottom. So yes a big shot actor showing up on a movie set taking over the role from a low scale tv actor spells something's up from miles away.

The back drop setting of a movie being filmed was fun and interesting and yes the behind the scenes has been done in romance books before but the author added that special something called detail that brought it to life and gave me a deeper look as to the demands that go hand in hand with working on set when your not the leading star but just another set worker.

The dialogue was very fun and witty, going from smart, sassy and sexy to digging into the minds of the characters and the author revealing their inner turmoil.

I loved that the author took the message of "Never judge a book by it's cover"  and let it shine through her characters, reminding me that what you see on the outside is not always all there is, as in the case with actors you see them on screen and you read about their do's and don't's in the media but you can never really know the real true person they are on the inside, and therefore it is best to keep your judgement to yourself.

I highly recommend this read, you will be swept away into a world of acting, love, passion and romance.
5/5 star review
" She is this badboy's fantasy come true"