The Next Best Thing by Kristan Higgins

The Next Best Thing

Reviewed by Desere

When meeting the man of your dreams, having children, building a life together and growing old together is pretty much the only thing on your minds, and thinking of being apart is the last thing that is brought into the equation.  But things to happen to tear us apart, be it divorce or death, and in the end there is not much we can do about it, except fight our way back to the top in our own way.

However we all deal with loss of any kind in our own way and sometimes it changes us for the worse, and coming back from the dark side and back into the light is not easy.

In this read I was shown just how cruel and unemotional a person can be when they loose that special someone, the author clearly showed the almost total disconnection from the outside world of Lucy and how she is towards one person as oppose to the one person that can save her from a life time of being hurt and alone.

The main characters were extremely well written. Lucy yes coming off as cruel, disconnected, some what emotionless and to me as reader a total cold hearted woman, but when the author delves into her hurt, anger and despair one can clearly see exactly why she is this way. And it became clear that she needs the right person to give her back her sparkle, hope and joy in order to become the loving person hiding inside.

The character of Ethan was in all honestly the sweetest most kind and caring guy around, his patience with Lucy was incredible as most guys would surly long ago have given up and ditched the whole friends with benefits idea and gone of in search of a woman who truly wants to be with him, again here the author let me as reader pick up on the idea of when you truly love someone you just need to keep at it until that person sees it, never give up on love.

The secondary characters were wonderful and each and every one brought the book that extra vital "this is from our side" sense and added to the entire element of , you cannot judge someone when you truly do not know what they are going through, you have not experienced their loss and grieve and until you do, it is best to rather try to understand the person.

The Black Widows in the book were to me the most fun to read about as the author showed that when you have been there then the connection is one that can never be broken and a lifelong friendship is formed and happiness found amongst grieve.

The dialogue was fun and witty at times but also mostly emotional and I would have expected nothing less seeing that this is a book that's main focus is on finding happiness and love after having suffered loss.

I highly recommend this read for readers who love a good, heartfelt romance that delivers a strong and powerful message.

5/5 star review
" He is the only one that can bring back her smile, one sexy kiss at a time"