A veil of Glass and Rain by Petra F. Bagnardi

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Reviewed by Desere

Falling in love with the guy of your dreams is every woman's dream of happy ever after. But falling in love with your best friend and him not loving you back in the non friendship way, has to be just plain awful and heart breaking.

In this read it is however, exactly what happens to Brina. She has been in love with her best friend Eagan for years, only he sees and treats her like his best friend and only best friend.

A sudden death brings them closer with a explosive kiss, but it also tears them apart as Eagan lets Brian go and makes no move to try and discover what their attraction can bring. The real reason behind him letting her walk away is later revealed and thus explains it to me as reader, however for poor Brina it hurts as it just reinforces her believe that she is in love with a man that will never love her back.

The author then takes the read to a twist when she eventually brings these two together, but then starts peeling back layers of emotions and complications from both Eagan and Brina's side. And right here is where the read became a very familiar one, and it was to me as if I was reading the 50 shades of grey trilogy only the settings and character names were changed and the sex scenes a little less explicit.

The reason I am saying 50 shades is a simple one, we have a inexperienced heroine who has now finally landed her man, but the man is the dominant kind, and for me Brina is pushed into almost every situation by Eagan, he makes the decisions and she just goes with the flow because the only words she has running through her mind is " I am finally in the arms of Eagan and he loves me".Even a bathroom scene screamed 50 shades so loudly it was all that was stuck in the back of my mind!

The plot of the read was good but old fashioned and I was hoping that the old twist on from lovers to friends will be done with more flair as the back blurb of this book actually sounded like it could get interesting.

But I was sadly disappointed as it all seemed in the first place "been done before" and also with the 50 shades element being brought into the read which made it so familiar it all just actually irritated me.

The character of Brina was sadly one of those that is needy and so wrapped up in the daze of ' I need a man to help me" that I actually kept wishing she would find some backbone!

Eagan as I said was the dominant type, but he also used his own inner demons, to exploit the inner demons of Brina, not to a full extent but yes the 'We want each other and I can make her submit to me with a few words and touches because she is vulnerable'. And for that reason alone I would gladly give this character a good old whack across the head!

The backdrop setting was good, romantic and had the lovers element nicely incorporated. The dialogue was a bit of a hit and miss, as we have first Brina talking us though her side and then we get Eagan talking us through his side, so yes liked that I got to see it through both their eyes but I am not so much a fan of the first person dialogue that made up a large part of this read.

I recommend this read for fans of romances with a erotic feel, but if your no fan of  repeat situations and scenes that have been done before , and this time around there being no new wow factor than this read is not for you.

3.5 star review
" When the rain clears the path to love with be revealed"