Relentless by Cherry Adair

Reviewed by Desere

Everyone knows a special agent is guaranteed to protect you with his life at all costs no matter the outcome to himself, but have you ever stopped to think what goes on inside the head of such a man and how and what exactly he is to do "to get over it" if no one ever stops to take the time to give him some much needed TLC.

In the latest read from the beyond brilliant Cherry Adair she not only digs into the mind of a man on a mission  but also a man who has suffered loss, despair and true physical pain of the unspeakable inhumane kind. The author also gives us the one woman that can turn it all around for him and crack the door to his soul.

Sexy- I'll- strip-you-naked-and-take-you-to-Egyptian-heaven Connor has suffered and I mean truly suffered pain at the hands of a complete psycho and it has landed him behind a desk where he is simply bored out of his mind as being out in the field is where this hero truly shows his stuff.

But along with the pain and psychological turmoil it also brought him the ability to touch any object and take you straight to it's original location, totally awesome!

Enter the ditzy, controlling and temping Isis she has to uphold her fathers name by finding the tomb of Cleopatra and she will stop at nothing even if it means being relentless in every way possible !

The characters of Connor and Isis were both so addictive I could not stop reading I simply had to keep going to find out more about what exactly happened to Connor to make him the man he is and just why Isis is so set on completing her mission.

I loved how the author let Isis change Connor's perspective on life and through layer after layer being revealed the author showed that really listening to someone can make all the difference to truly discovering what that person is hiding and facing in life.

The backdrop setting was incredibly descriptive and I could touch and feel the ancient Egyptian history, see the colours and feel the textures. The dialogue was amazing it was so thrilling I could truly feel the scorpions crawling around me whilst deep in the hidden tombs.

The sexual heat level of this one was simply of the charts ladies, you will be left breathless and begging for you very own M15 agent to sweep you off your feet and into danger! The author also gave me some much needed info on the Egyptian culture which better explained a lot about the setting.

This author has once again proven she can take a mystery add a kick ass hero team him up with a woman of dreams and give a reader the ride of a lifetime!

Excellent work Cherry keep them coming
5/5 star review

"Stripping sexy layer after sexy layer will reveal all"