Urgent: One Nanny Required by Olivia Logan

Urgent: One Nanny Required

Reviewed by Desere

I am sure that a lot of us would think a person mad when they say they want nothing to do with Hollywood, the glitz, the glamour all the luxuries that come with it, I mean would not want a part of that!

But what most of us do not take into consideration is that some people have a very good reason for wanting to not be apart of a life we would consider absolutely fabulous.

In this read this is exactly the life of Rania, she has her sweet shop and life is all good. No fuss no mess and most importantly she is as far away from her mother and the Hollywood hype she had to grow up with.

She does not count on an encounter with a sweet as can be little boy who has a sad, lonely life while his father, lights-camera-smile-only-for-me Nick, is always working and he ends up with one nanny after another.

Nor does she reckon she would find herself agreeing to become the boy's nanny for the next couple of weeks while Nick is directing a new hot shot movie, or falling for his charm.

The main characters of Rania and Nick were both well written and interesting to read. Both pretty much set in their ways but the author does a truly remarkable job to reveal each ones inner turmoil's that holds them back from a lifetime of happiness.

The backdrop settings were fun and inviting, but also exciting as we enter a world of behind the scenes, and the author lets this be portrayed through her characters and their emotions letting me as reader see the chaos that the life of Hollywood can create be shown through the chaos Rania and Nick feel as their feelings become real as oppose to the fake on screen love found only in the movies.

The sensuality level of this one is behind closed doors but if your thinking that will turn you off from this read as most readers prefer hot and heavy , you would be wrong as it is done with such exquisite tenderness and flair by the author that when seeking for the really hot and heavy parts you will instead find a sweet, tender and kind level of heat, that is more than capable of still giving you goosebumps and breathless moments.

I highly recommend this read for romance readers of the world, and lovers of reads that offer up a strong message of not all is what is seems and delving deep behind the fa├žade is sometimes the only way to discover what type of person truly lies beneath and the the truth to their reasoning in life.

5/5 star review
" She will be his sugar and sweet while he's her real life hero"