Under the Hood by Juanita Kees

Under the Hood

Reviewed by Desere

I have learned that a good action suspense read intertwined with romance needs to have enough action drama to get your attention to want to get to the bottom of the mystery but also enough heat between the two main characters to bring you that feeling of breathlessness and pure joy when it all comes together in the end.

In the new read from Juanita Kees I got all that and so much more. The story is about TJ she is a kick ass heroine that does not back down from what she wants and goes after anything and everything with her heart and soul.

She meets her match in sexy-I'll-make-your-engine-purr Scott when he comes striding into town and goes to great lengths to get what he wants, her car dealership and he is as relentless in getting it as he his hot!

The characters were both extremely well written and the author really used the fact that both are strong willed to bring some truly delightfully entertaining moments of conflict that gave me as reader the heat and passion I was looking for in this read.

The backdrop setting of a town in Western Australia was perfect it showed the heat of the land down under perfectly in tune with the heat between TJ and Scott (by the way Juanita I totally love that he hero's name is Scott it matched his personality perfectly).

I liked the mystery in this one very much it gave me as reader all the elements of danger with a twist and more drama lurking in the darkness keeping me on the edge of my seat for the read of a lifetime!

The dialogue was absolutely stunning as the author really let the words flow effortlessly and let me complete this read in just under two hours.

I also liked that the ending left room for another book as the mystery ended on a there is more to come note.
I highly recommend this read for all Juanita Kees fans and lovers of romance with loads of action!

Excellent work Juanita keep them coming!
5/5 star review
" Finding out what is under the hood by revealing sexy layer after sexy layer"