A Playboy's Love Affair by Emily Quinn

 A Playboy's Love Affair

Reviewed by Desere

All woman like to be spoiled and adored by the man of her dreams and to feel safe, protected and cherished but I think when obsession turns into possession it can be a truly scary thought, if however your able to see past the person trying to control your every move and instead see a man that truly loves you and in his case he can see that your the woman that will change his ways of thinking then I honestly believe it can be a truly magical romance that will last a lifetime.

In the read I was shown such a love and I could not put it down, yes my dear reading friends it was that good, completed this one in two hours.

I was introduced to Alex he is your typical playboy, smart, sexy, successful and has enough cash to dine any woman he wants in his bed, but yes being a playboy means he discards the woman from his bed quicker then the sheets.

He however meets his match when a fun twist of events lands him face to face with Carly, she is gorgeous, fun, smart, drives him completely mad with her ways and she is also his new found weakness he cannot get enough of the taste of her and finds himself spending more and more time with her then necessary.

Only Carly knows his playboy games and plays back a little game of her own, offering up some really awesome moments of conflict that was not only entertaining but made the read so much fun that I could not stop laughing or rooting for these two to sort out their issues.

The character of Carly was wonderful, she not only gives as good as she gets but she also shows that brining a man to his knees by stripping him bare is not the only way to get his attention but instead the author lets the character take the time to strip the layers of a playboy to show the man of worth underneath.

The character of Alex was in the start to me as reader the typical idiot, he wants Carly in his bed purely for revenge but soon the author shows that she means more to him that he wants to let on, I did however find the  "your'e mine " attitude very sexy but yes also kind of scary, however as the author lets the story unfold you can see what her intentions are and soon Alex becomes a man of wonder.

The backdrops settings were fun, exciting and mimicked the emotions of the characters to a perfect match, going from calm and inviting to fun and sexy and tearful and unhappy ,done perfectly by the author as not once was I able to say the book is not gliding smoothly.

The dialogue was sexy beyond believe as these two characters really heated up the pages yes ladies if you like your reads hot this one is perfect, it had enough spice and heat to leave me breathless but also just enough to let you know your not reading a erotica but a contemporary romance, as is the case when you expect a good love story and end up with nothing but erotica and feeling empty and let down like you somehow missed the book.

One thing that did bug me was the swear words, there weren't that many but yes some. Because both the main and secondary characters were all well written and each delivered a punch of their own strong enough to give you all the detail into their lives I think that when the swear words are removed it would still show me as reader the aggression and passion of the characters perfectly.

I highly recommended this read for anyone looking for a good old fashioned sexual attraction turning into a full blown romance with a message of when love is found you need to grab it with both hands and never let go.

The author also ended the book with a fun look at the live of a secondary character called Dominic and I look forward to reading how he falls from bachelor to hero.

5/5 star review
"The player gets played and he not like it one bit, revenge will be sweet"