NYC Angels: Flirting with Danger by Tina Beckett

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Reviewed by Desere

Most guys will tell you they have been there done and dusted got the t-shirt, you meet your best friends little sister and in the instant you know as badly as you want her she is off limits.

It even happens to most woman out there but for us we tend to not so much care and go for our brothers best friend anyway but with guys it is a different kind of unspoken rule.

In the fifth book from the new Mills and Boon NYC Angels series I was shown just such a situation and by a brilliant author that knew how to take a everyday situation and turn it into a remarkable and incredible story of finding the love of a lifetime right under your nose.

The read is about sexy-I'll-rock-your-world-in-bed-but-you-will-never-have-the-key-to-my-heart Dr Brad. He has known Chloe for years as his best friends little sister she's hot and tempting but also mainly she is off limits.

But when she shows up on his doorstep barefoot and wearing practically nothing how is the poor man suppose to resist. She of course is in need of some help with getting her life back on track and rid of her cheating ex. I am sure you can catch the drift over here they very soon cannot keep their hands of each other and very soon we have a rather tricky situation that can mean more than a world of hurt for them both.

The characters of Brad and Chloe were both very unique, Chloe is the one you start to feel sorry for as she has been hurt and you want her to find her way in life again but very soon I was feeling more sorry for Brad as the author revealed to me that the man simply does not know how to love and keeping the key to his heart guarded is all he focuses on.

The backdrop setting and dialogue was fun and light at times but also laced with powerful emotion that brought me to tears and also reminded me that what we learn from our parents really does have a effect on the person we turn out to be and it takes a really special kind of person to show you the other side of what your missing.

The author delivered a powerful, compelling and entertaining read guaranteed to make you realise that after reading this one you will be hooked on her books and waiting in anticipation for the next release.

I highly recommend this read for lovers of medical romance related reads and for anyone that has ever had a crush of any kind on anyone that was off limits, Tina Beckett will show you just how hot and dirty fun can turn into the perfect romance.

5/5 star review

"Stripping him naked to find the key to his heart might be her only option"