NYC Angels : An Explosive Reunion by Alison Roberts

NYC Angels: An Explosive Reunion

Reviewed by Desere

Falling for the woman of your dreams and being one of the worlds top surgeons are two of the most important and greatest achievements for anyone, but when you loose the woman of your dreams and then loose a patient the next day and then get sued for the death it is bound to destroy any faith you might have had in life and yourself.

Finding it again can be a long and torturous journey. And sometimes facing the past is the only way to get back up and out there.

In the eighth and final book from the new Mills and Boon NYC Angels series it tells the story of Alex and Layla, for those of you that have read the other seven books in the series you will know that these two have been going at it for quite some time and we have been given glimpses into their relationship or lack there of, and personally I have been waiting to get the full story ever since book one.

The read tells of Layla, she was trapped in a dead end marriage and took a easy way out, by starting a blazing hot passionate affair with sexy together-we-will-create-more-steam-in-the-shower -without-so-much-as-a-drop-of-water Alex!

However Layla finds herself at point where she hates herself and her actions and calls off the affair, only she does so the night before Alex is to take on a major operation, his focus is not all there and thus he looses the lifesaving battle.

The grieve stricken family lash out by suing and Alex's life tumbles to the ground. He picks himself and carries on but always holds the guilt close to his heart. When Layla shows up again the red hot attraction is still there, he can't resist her and soon they are back in bed together but can he trust her enough to not walk away again this time, or even trust himself enough to not fail again?

The character of Layla, was one I did not like all that much as cheating on your husband is never the right answer, find a way out of the marriage and then start thinking of a new future, the hurt to others involved is always less that way. I could understand why the author lets her be so weak but I also wanted to see her get up and fight for happiness and I adored when the author finally lets her take control of her life.

The character of Alex was absolutely addictive, I could not for one moment stop wanting to know more about the man that faced so much hurt and anger and I simply adored the manner in which the author lets him find the trust not only in himself but in others again in order to get his life back.

The backdrop setting were as in the previous books focused mainly on the hospital , again it brought out the emotional and heartfelt moments of drama and the very real truth of what medical staff need to face inside and outside the emergency doors, they are afterall just like us only human.

The dialogue was great, the author gave me wonderful enjoyable moments of conflict and truth revealing moments of joy and sorrow.

I took away a message of holding onto the past and never trusting again can be the biggest downfall when you need to get up and try again.

I highly recommend this book for all lovers of romance with medical drama as a backdrop and second chance love.

5/5 star review
" The love they share is one that will never burn out"