NYC Angels Series Overview by Various Authors

                                           Reviewed by Desere

                                              New York Angels Series Overview 

                       Doctors, romance, passion and drama - in the city that never sleeps 

The New Mills and Boon NYC Angels series is about a group of doctors, nurses and therapists all working in the New York Angels Hospital, famous for going the extra mile to give hope to their patients. The series tells the story of eight couples who meet their match, fall in love, face heartache from the past, fight for a future, face day to day life threatening emergencies and ultimately find their happy ever after.

Each one of the reads had blazing hot passionate nights, heart stopping moments of joy and sorrow, intrigue and on the edge of your seat medical drama. You will walk away with a strong and powerful message of love is not only found outside the hospital doors but also inside where doctors and nurses give their all and more to save the lives of their patients, they not only live in the city that never sleeps, they live and breathe it.

The first book Redeeming the Playboy by Carol Marinelli told the story of Jack and Nina, and how moments of going head to head turn into nights of blazing passion and the playboy becomes the played, as he has to fight to let the one woman that has managed to tear open his heart stick around for the long haul.

The second book Heiress's Baby Scandal by Janice Lynn tells the story of drop dead sexy cowboy turned Dr. Ty and heiress Eleanor, and how letting go even if just for one night can bring scandal to your family and shatter the perfect image they try to uphold, but having a person who will stick by you no matter the scandal is all you will ever really need to make you beautiful in everyway.

The third book Unmasking Dr Serious by Laura Idling told the story of Dan and Molly, and how letting someone into your heart can heal your own worst pain, all you need to is trust and believe that you deserve it. And that blame for accidents beyond your control is a guilt that is never meant to be carried.

The fourth book The Wallflower's Secret by Susan Carlisle told of Ryan and Lucy and how inner beauty is what really counts and when secrets are revealed they are sometimes the life altering moments we need to find our happiness.

The fifth book Flirting with Danger by Tina Beckett told of Brad and Chloe, and how years of attraction finally explode into a dangerous passion, but lust is one thing finally learning how to love is a complete different matter, handing over the key to your heart is the final step to happiness

The sixth book Tempting Nurse Scarlet by Wendy S. Marcus told of adoption and how it can change your life when revealed or trying to simply deal with it, and how it can effect your final personality in life, how you handle those around you or face off when a challenge hits your road to happiness. It also showed how single parenthood can be one of the hardest and toughest life challenges life has to offer.

The seventh book Making the surgeon smile by Lynne Marshall told how loosing the perfect family you always wanted can erect walls that takes years to break down , but when finally broken down and it all threatens s to be taken away again how are you meant to survive, the answer love, trust and believing you deserve a second chance.

In the eighth book An Explosive Reunion by Alison Roberts the story of Alex and Layla showed that past hurt can keep you from having a lonely future and that trusting someone again is sometimes the only way to find out if the person is indeed real and willing to risk it all to be with you.

I highly recommend this series for lovers of medical drama romance reads. Everyone deserves a chance at happiness and sometimes you need to take the risk and put your heart out there you might just be very pleasantly surprised. And this series showed the message perfectly whist also showing medical staff are also human and sometimes face their own brand of demons inside and outside the doors of emergency, and that the images they uphold are the ones that need to be broken down in the name of love, for only then will the true person inside shine through.

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