Too Close For Comfort by Heidi Rice

Too Close for Comfort

Reviewed by Desere

Not knowing who your father or mother is just plain sucks, if you know who they are and what they are, but not liking what you seeing, it sucks more.

Vowing to never become like him or her is a completely natural reaction, but one that can hinder you from actually living your life to the fullest and grabbing hold of the person who can be the one to heal you and your demons.

In the new Heidi Rice read the author tells the story of Zane and Iona. Iona is a damsel in distress and if there is one thing Zane does best, it's rescuing and protecting woman who are in a heap of trouble.

Only Iona reckons she does not need rescuing, especially not from some hot shot detective. But getting away from this man is darn near impossible, not only is he able to erase any and all sexual encounters from her past making her addicted and not wanting to ever get out of bed, no the man is far worse for her well being, he creeps into her heart and she has no idea how to get into his.

The character of Iona was terrific, fun and feisty a real go getter who does not back down in the face of danger rather she goes after it. Of course having I'll- make-you-come-till-you-pass-out Zane to come after her at the drop of a hat makes it so much more fun!

I loved that the author made her strong and she faces up to a challenge,telling it like it is. What I truly adored was how the author used her little insecurities to get on Zane's nerves. It made for some truly awesome conflict moments.

The character of Zane was a real sweetheart ladies, the man is sweet and kind enough to make your heart melt but also forceful and passionate enough to make your knees turn into jelly, the absolute perfect amount of sexiness.

The author making him this tough guy hero with a softer side, somehow made him more realistic for me as reader. It is not often we find a hero that is both throughout the read, no rather we get an arrogant hero that eventually comes around showing his sweeter and more considerate side and that usually happens in the end of the read, so that Heidi was a brilliant touch!

The backdrop settings were all very neatly incorporated into the read, from the recklessness of the kitchen sex scene that showed the restlessness of Zane's soul to the more softer side of his life when he is sitting down with his mother and finally having "the talk", and no it is not that kind of talk, you will need to read the book to find out, all I will say is it is a whopper of a talk.

The sexual level of this read was the kind of spicy I have learned to expect from this author but with more heat and emotion, that kind that right from the first time leaves you thinking "Okay that was so much more than casual", so often it takes a few rounds for this to pop up in a read so being able to pick it up from the start go was a nice refreshing touch.

The dialogue was oh so classic Heidi Rice, very sexy laced with terrific sensual and sweet undertones. As reader am taking away a message that is a very powerful one, never assume rather ask for you might never know, the answer could be your salvation.

5/5 star review
"There's no better comfort than love"