Heart Raider by Sophia Knightly

Heart Raider (Heartthrob Series, # 1)

Reviewed by Desere

When we were teenagers we all had a crush on someone older, we dreamed of the day that person would see us as grown up and fall instantly in love with us too.

Of course most us move on from that little day dream as we grown up and fall in love with someone more our age and more suited.

But for Veronique she fell for her camp counsellor when she was just 13 years old, and fifteen years later she is still head over heals for I'll-make-hotter-than-hot-and-you-will-need-more-than-the-rain-to-cool- down-Nick.

Since the last time she saw him , he has been married, divorced, disgraced, nearly sent to jail and fired as CEO of his own foundation.

Veronique knows who is responsible for shattering the man of her dreams life and she is out to bring it all to light, and if she can prove she is no longer a silly thirteen year old but a sexy woman it will be a double score!  Only her plan has a flaw, Nick is not interested in spending time with any other human being within a 100 mile radius, getting into his house is easy but not being thrown out requires a complete different plan of attack.

The character of Veronique was well written but I would personally have liked to see her act like more of a grown up as after all this is one of the things she is out to prove. The author did give me as reader little glimpses of her acting as a adult but most of the time I could not help but feel she is still just a child trying to make a point and not really giving it her all. I did love that she has such a strong kind heart, always wanting to help others, it made her feelings for Nick so much more real and vivid, the author showed that those that wear their hearts on their sleeves do get hurt but when done in the name of love only good can come from it.

The character of Nick was a true brute, instead of fighting back, he takes his knock of life and goes down hard, leaving him unfriendly and just no fun to even be in a room with. However the author slowly but surely lets the man crawl out from his hideaway and shows a fun loving spirit beneath, that let my heart melt!

The backdrop settings were fun and calm when it comes to Nick's home, but also nice and exciting when it gets to the run around at getting the information to the right hands in order to reveal the truth. The dialogue was nicely done, emotional, sexy and heartfelt.

The sexual level of the is read, was hot and heavy but not of the erotica kind rather spicy with a dash of sweet.

I recommend this read for lovers of romance with a bit of a mystery and one where lovers meant to be finally get their chance.

4.5 star review
" He stole her heart years ago, this time around she wants his" 

Reviewed by Maria

With her high class French mother and celebrity father, Veronique (Ronnie!) was one of those girls who seemed to have it all.  Then her father died tragically and her life changed forever.  She made it through with the help of some very special people.  Her loving mother, her caring stepfather (although she didn't appreciate him as much as she could have), her caring friends (her heart sisters) and Nick, a very special camp counselor.

The years have gone by.  Nick has emerged from a messy divorce with his name blackened, as a suspect of fraud.  Plucky and resourceful, Ronnie is now an ace news reporter who is determined to clear the name of the man she has loved since she was a troubled teen.  But will Nick trust her?  He's been badly abused and manipulated in the name of love and is determined never to lose his heart again.

Even when Ronnie seems to have convinced him, the battle's not half over.  There are dangerous enemies lurking in the background.  Enemies who have framed Nick for fraud and an enemy who wants Veronique out of his life so she can have him herself.  At one stage, it doesn't look as if this couple has a future, they are so surrounded by foes and ill wishers.  If the power of love can help them overcome these problems, this couple will be set up for life.  But can they overcome?

An enjoyable romance novel which reads in parts like flirty, contemporary fiction, yet takes on the darker tones of romantic suspense in others.  Somehow, though, the mixture works.  As a romance author, Sophia Knightly certainly has what it takes.

Recommended to readers of contemporary romance and romance fiction.

4/5 stars.