Sunset Seduction by Charlene Sands

Sunset Seduction by Charlene Sands

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker
Sunset Seduction by Charlene Sands

Audrey Thomas has been in love with Lucas Slade for ten years, only he has no clue. Then she spends one very passionate night with Lucas. Unable to forget that night, Audrey shows up at Lucas's front door. She soon learns he doesn't know it was her that night. She accepts a two month job on Lucas's ranch and tries to find a way to tell him the truth. As much as Audrey loves Lucas, her character is no pushover. 

Sexy as sin, horse breeder Lucas Slade, has finally recovered from his injuries from a month go. But he struggles with the memories of one drug induced night. While recovering at his friend Casey's cabin from the accident, a mystery woman enters his room. They spend part of the night making love, but when he awakes the next morning he is alone. 

Lucas finally puts it all together and realizes that Audrey is his mystery woman. But before he can worry how Casey will feel about him sleeping with his little sister, there is a surprise for both of them. A life changing surprise. But when Lucas offers marriage, Audrey refuses. She will not marry a man who does not love her.

I felt the characters were well written, with believable back stories to explain some of their thought processes. I also liked the detail that was written about the ranch. You at times felt like you were in the barns or paddocks. 

I have enjoyed a number of Charlene's books. I love how her stories flow with ease. It is also a joy to read error free novels. I cannot even begin to tell you how bad the market has gotten with ebooks that are full of errors and words in the incorrect order. But Charlene's always appear error free. 

5/5 stars