The Unexpected Wedding Guest by Aimee Carson

The Unexpected Wedding Guest

Reviewed by Desere

Being lucky enough to fall in love get married and have your happy ending  sounds perfect! Finding it twice is almost unbelievable. But when your about to embark upon your second chance of happiness and in walks your past, and out the door goes your future, then life can get turned up side down quicker than you can say the words " Yes I' ll marry you".

In the new Aimee Carson read this is however exactly what happens to Reese, she is standing in her wedding dress thinking I will be happy and in walks her absolutely drop dead gorgeous I -have-and-can-make-you-burn-time-and-time-again-for-only-me ex husband Mason.

To make matters worse her brand spanking new husband to be, Dylan cancels the wedding, after all if you see your wife still looking at her ex husband likes he's dinner and all she wants is him served on a bed of oysters would you stick around to take the walk to I do?

The characters were all very well written and I enjoyed that the author kept Dylan in the background as it created a great ' I want you and I will get you back and he is never going to be me" element and made for terrific moments of love vs lust vs he can never be both unless he changes.

Which made the read a really interesting one. I was very anxious to see how Reese would make the choice between love and security vs lust and a wild ride.

I did however not like Reese too much as a character, I found that she has certainly grown in the last ten years since her marriage to Mason but the author does not fully bring this into play for me, I just never got the full sense that Reese is now smarter and stronger than before.

I did love that Mason has issues but is willing to work on them to have Reese back in his arms on a permanent basis, the author showed that we must be willing to chance for the ones we love but at the same time not everything about ourselves as we will then be no more than a carbon copy of the perfect dream lover our imagination creates.

The backdrop settings were nicely written and the dialogue was a fun and spicy one . I adored the moments of conflict, some lines had be laughing out loud and others had me wanting to cry.

This is a very nice and fun romantic read for those who like reads about old lovers reuniting with fiery hot passion. And seeing how pure lust turns into love of the forever kind.

4.5 star review
" He had her once and he will have her again" 

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Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

The Unexpected Wedding Guest by Aimee CarsonImagine you are just a few days away from your dream wedding, you are in your wedding gown having your last adjustments when who should walk in … your ex husband. Reese the intended bride is upset but you can tell right from the start that these two have unfinished business. Soon the groom to be has called off the wedding.

Reese and Mason had married 10 years ago. They met and fell in love within one week and were married soon after. While the sex was amazing, the marriage ended after just one year. 

Mason Hicks had been severely injured in an IED explosion which almost killed him. Now he suffers from debilitating migraines, insomnia, short term memory issues and a missing sex drive. Being back with Reese has helped with one of those issues. I truly felt for this character. With everything he went through in the war and with Reese.

I don’t think I cared that much for Reese’s character. And I came away wondering if she truly knew what real love was. Yes she was finally there for Mason when he suffered a migraine, but she was also worried about getting the names out of the ice sculptures. 

It was a fun read and I enjoyed it. It had some really good passionate scenes and a few scenes that had me laughing but I thought it could have been better.

4/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.