A Novel Obsession by Jeff Joseph

A Novel Obsession (Novel Series, #1)

Reviewed by Desere

All of us fall in love a hero from a book on a regular basis! You want to meet a man just like him, fall in love and live happily ever after. Yeah right ! No man from any book is ever found in real life, you might find one that is close or a combination of some but never the exact same.

But when reading do you ever really think anything about the author, other than this writing is terrible or great or I wish the author would not have made the characters do that?

Falling in love with the authors work in one thing but falling in love with the actual person is a complete different level of weird. Yes, if you meet in real life and it is meant to be that is all good, but if not it can turn into a obsession of the stalking kind.

Abby is madly in love with the author of the books that have become her focus of hanging onto life, it is what gets her through everyday. But being in love with the author of these reads clouds her judgement of those around her that are either in love with her for years or just interested.

This to me was somewhat disturbing as life is passing her by and she is not open to possibilities. From the back blurb I was thinking that this could get good and the author has my attention, and I was looking forward to a good romantic suspense and a mind blowing mystery.

But the author only half managed to capture it all for me. The read started off with a very hot erotic and blazing sex scene then changed over to soft chick lit( which was weird as this is a male author) but then it changed into mystery and suspense. This was all very confusing , it was as if the author was trying to combine all the types of genre's into one read and this left me with confusion as to what he was really trying to get at, it was a little too all over the place for me.

At the end of the day I was yet left with a good mystery and a romance and very well written, and yes all characters personalities in all reads change, as it is the other person or a event that manages to bring lightness to their life or darkness and it is great to see what or who manges to change them.

But in this read the characters were driving me to the point of insanity and not in a good way, I wanted to shake them up and yell "Get over it and get on with it , open your eyes and see what is happening in front of you see chance for what it is ", and the author just did not really bring it to that point which is what I would have expected, but rather it left me with characters who's personalities change so much that it was as if they were unstable.

All in all the author has the talent needed to write a very good book, but I would advise him to focus on just one genre at a time or maybe just two such as romantic suspense or just mystery romance. Which I think will give the reader a chance to absorb his talent and not get too side tracked with all kinds of here and there.

I am however giving the author brownie points for the chick-lit incorporated, it is a remarkable talent to be able to be in touch with a woman on her level when your male.

3.5 star review
" Obsession turns over to the dark side"