Hollywood House Call by Jules Bennett

Hollywood House Call

Reviewed by Desere

All of us know that when your an entertainer of any sort actress of singer or even model the more flawless you are the better. Yes in today's day and age most images of the famous are photo-shopped into looking like the perfect woman but in reality minor flaws are being hidden.

Which to me is not so bad as all woman will tell you we want to look our very best on any picture, but what happens when you loose that flawless image and instead end up with a nasty looking scar that cannot be hidden and thus your entire career and life changes?

Pretty sure you will agree that is a thought no woman famous or not will want to think about. In the new read from the very talented Jules Bennett I as reader was shown the impact such a tragic event can have on a person emotional scarring running much deeper than the actual visible scars, but also that it does not mean you need to give up on all your dreams, as the grass really does look greener on the other side.

The read in short is about Callie she is a wannabe actress who works as receptionist to her look-into-my-eyes-and-I'll-show-you-more-than-one-way-to-do-me-baby, boss Noah. After a tragic turn of events Noah being the best Hollywood plastic surgeon around decides he is the only man fit enough to take on the job of helping Callie recover from her physical and emotional scars, only he does not count on the attraction between them being the one thing he cannot seem to stop himself from acting on.

And right there is where the author showed why her books are simply pure magic as I was taken on a ride of pure romance and blazing red hot passion between two people going from friends to lovers with endless possibilities.

The character of Callie was great as she really was a ray of sunshine and always being positive, she really picked herself up out of the ground so when her life chances for the worst I really felt sorry for her and cried right along with each tear she shed.

The character of Noah was amazing yes ladies no jokes even with his issues of a lost love blocking him from really connecting with Callie he still was a fantastic character as the author showed him as a kind caring man ready for anything that comes his way and ready to fight to protect anything that means the world to him.

The backdrop setting was fun, sexy and light even during moments of conflict there was still the playful side to both Callie and Noah. But it also involved some really heart stopping moments as hospital settings were depicted and I could pick up on the pure heart wrenching pain people with scars of any kind need to go through.

The dialogue was really neat as the author used her words to really bring home the message of the past needs to left in the past in order to move towards a future. The sexual heat of this one was scorching but not in the bordering on erotica way that some books of this genre has given me before but in the classic Jules Bennett way that leaves you with hot sex intertwined with romance of the best kind.

There was also the secondary character Max best friend to Noah that I could pick up is truly an amazing character in the making and I truly hope to see him get his own book soon.

I highly recommend this read for all lovers of romance with true life drama and a message that will stay with you for a long time to come.

Magical work Jules keep them coming!

5/5 star review
"Easing scars of the past by stripping each other bare"