Uncovering The Correttis (Sicily's Corretti Dynasty) by Carol Marinelli

Uncovering the Correttis by Carol Marinelli

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Uncovering The Correttis by Carol Marinelli
This is a prequel to The series titled Sicily's Corretti Dynasty

In this prequel by Carol Marinelli we meet hard working Emily Hyslop. An investigative reporter who is really pissed off at her editor. After putting in long hours on research, and on the verge of a major breaking story, Adam has taken her off the story. He has given her big story to another reporter he just so happens to be sleeping with. She has been reassigned to Sicily to cover a wedding, but this is no ordinary wedding. This is between two rivals, The Battaglia and Corretti families. What happens in Sicily is, she comes face to face with the man of her dreams.

The only feelings Detective Anton Sorrano has, are feelings of hate. He burns with a passion to bring to justice the people responsible for killing his family. He believes the ones responsible are The Corretti Family. After learning Emily is a reporter he decides they could help each other. As he spends time with Emily, he is starting to feel things he hasn't felt for a long time. But they are both aware she will only be in Sicily for a couple of days.

For a short Novella this prequel packed a lot of punch. The passion was really well written. I enjoyed both of the main characters. This Novella sets up the scene for for following eight books in the series.

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5/5 stars