The Goddess by Robyn Grady

The Goddess (Idol Series, #1)

Reviewed by Desere

I have always found ancient history simply fascinating, Egyptian , Greek, Italian no matter all of them have a certain mystery to it all and anyone and everyone finds themselves wanting to dig deeper to find more. And if it involves a love story it is even better!

Think Cleopatra and Mark Anthony or Romeo and Juliet, real or fiction their love stories are ones that have fascinated people from all over for centuries. But what if you could find your own love story whilst reliving the love story of a couple from hundreds of years ago?

In the new read from author Robyn Grady she not only gave me a amazing story of love and passion found she also gave me a mystery that all ties in with the romance between the main characters, and in the end brings it all together with such vivid and emotional reality it left me simply breathless!

The read is about Helene seeking adventure lands her on a gorgeous secluded island with drop dead gorgeous I ll-take-you-to-new-heights-of-pleasure Darius. But Darius is no ordinary man he is a Prince and once he returns to his palace he will also be King, he is also keeper of the legendary Goddess statue that has given hundreds of years of prosperity and guidance to his family, but when the Goddess 's wishes are defied she can also bring devastation and death.

Helene and Darius are drawn to each other and soon long nights of hot blazing passion ensues.  Darius takes Helene back with him to the palace, but Helene cannot help but wonder if Darius really wants her in his life or is it the magic of the Goddess in working to once again bring devastation to the country and it's King, for history seems to be repeating itself.

The character of Helene was very well written, she is strong and determined to find her way in life, yet at the same time when she comes face to face with Darius and all his red hot passion she falls and falls hard, leaving her plans buried as deep as  hidden treasure. I loved that the author used her as a reincarnation of a previous unknown Princess and that she lets her discover more and more about herself and the missing Princess through the history she uncovers, and that she is the one to change history through her strength. I also really loved the idea that the author lets the unknown Princess finally make her point hundreds of years later!

The character of Darius was terrific, he is strong and confident but also has his doubts about the past and future and wanting to be a good King. I felt sorry for him as he is almost like a lost child with the weight of so many responsibilities combined with his own feelings for Helene. I loved that he goes all out in wanting to try and make the right decisions when ever he can, but let's face it every great man has a strong woman standing behind him and in his case it is Helene, and the author did a remarkable job at letting her be the one to change him along with history.

The backdrop settings were exquisitely described in vivid detail by the author, I could hear the birds awakening, feel the sun shining down on me, touch the hidden treasures and smell the damp rising in the secret hidden tunnels.

The dialogue went from hot and sexy to emotional and revealing all in effortless flow.  The author also told the story of more than one set of secondary characters and their tales of love. I was kept on the edge of my seat at all times, desperately seeking for more about the history of the Goddess and the many star crossed lovers that have come to change the history of a country set on superstitions and old rules to always be followed.

At the end of the day I walked away with the romance of three couples from the past all linking in with two couples of the future and the remarkable power of the Goddess.

I highly recommend this read for all romance readers looking for something fresh, new and exciting. A story of love, lust, passion, a age old history and a legend ready to be brought to life.

This was the first book in this authors new Idols series and I am very much looking forward to more. The author is also known for writing for Mills and Boon books that involve characters with heartfelt romance and a sweet and steady story, which I have always enjoyed, but with this reads combination of adventure combined with romance and history, I am going to say "Robyn this is the way for you to go, excellent work keep them coming!"

5/5 star review
"He shatters her body but she will shatter his entire world"


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

The Goddess by Robyn Grady

Ever since she graduated from college, Helene Masters has been on one adventure after another. She has traveled across Europe, doing odd jobs and seeing the world. She is currently working on a small isolated island, getting it ready for the Prince who will be arriving in a few days. She also seems to be a bit accident prone, as proven when she first meets Prince Vasily.

Darius Vasily, Prince of Teirenias has arrived on the smaller island ahead of time. He is to spend seven days alone on the island before he is crown King. This is one smoking hot Prince from his good looks all the way down to his sexy voice. And it looks as if history is about to take a new page, because the Prince will not be staying alone after all. These two are instantly attracted to each other. And the love scenes are scorching. 

There is also A Goddess which is said to have mysterious powers. She is suppose to be able to mesmerize and seduce any mortal of her choosing and the powers are said to be the strongest there on the island. I loved how this was worked into the story!

I really enjoyed this story, the way it was written. And it had a nice little back history and some mystery to it as well. The characters were interesting, and while Darius might soon be the King. I really enjoyed how he was open to suggestions from Helene. Robyn Grady did a really good job of making me feel like I was on the Island of Teirenias, with her descriptions. Well done!

5/5 stars
Review by TashNz

5/5 Stars

While reading The Goddess by the mega-talented Robyn Grady, I was swept away on an exciting adventure which was packed with love, adventure, mystery, humor, far away lands, lone islands, traditions and mythical legends; all the elements of a perfect story.

Who wouldn’t be upset about being trapped in a cave on a lone Greek Island with nil inhabitants, your only companion a half naked Greek Prince.  It’s a tough life and somebody has to do it.  That somebody is Helene who lands in Prince Darius’s life with a splash!   Helene is travelling the world, she’s a lovable character who sees the best in everyone and the brightest side to everything.  She’s also an accident waiting to happen.  Fate lands her at the feet of Prince Darius.

Prince Darius is about to be crowned king of his country but tradition dictates he must spend alone-time on an isolated island.  Annoyed his security crew missed Helene on their security sweep he’s ready to radio ahead to send her back to the mainland but Helene’s sunny outlook on life and charming personality makes him decide to keep her around. One mishap introduces us to after another an invitation to spend more time with him is extended. 

I love Robyn Grady’s ability to pack so much fantabulousness into a story and yet still keep it light and humorous.  Full of vivid descriptions I felt like I was right there with Helene and Darius.  Their characters were constructed with many layers making them believable and real.  Robyn Grady’s wonderful descriptive ability breathes life into Helene, she’s just lovable.  Helene and Darius complemented each other well, Helene with her bright and sunny outlook on life crossed with Darius who’s shoulders heavy with the weight of responsibility for his people and ancient traditions to observe and follow they were a sure fire match.

I loved the realistic descriptions of various actions and events.  For example my curiosity was piqued when Helene was making Prince Darius KaridopitdaIt sounded simply divine and uncomplicated to make so thanks to Google I’ve found a recipe and I’m going to make it.  I was also introduced to a Cretan lyra and many other ethnic words and items.

The secondary story of Leandros and Acacia added to the overall story and helped provide the twist at the end.

The Goddess is a delightful book overflowing with fantasticness from the talented Robyn Grady, the first in her Idol Series from Entangled Publishing