The First Crush is the Deepest (Girls Just Want to Have Fun) by Nina Harrington

The First Crush is the Deepest by Nina Harrington

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

In The First Crush is the Deepest by Nina Harrington: Amber and Sam first fell in love in High School. But her interfering Mother helped put a wedge between these two. Now 10 years later Amber "Bambi" DuBois is retiring at the age of 28 as a classical Pianist. After she suffers from a near fatal infection, she has a totally new outlook on life. Back in London she is setting a path to a different life with the help of close friends Kate and Saskia. She realized while constantly touring around the world, she had somehow lost her passion for playing the piano. Worse yet she feared she was becoming more like her "Diva" Mother.

Sam Richards never looked back after breaking Amber's heart. He had a goal in life to become a well known Editor, and he was one article away from his dreams. There is just one problem, the current editor is demanding that the article be about Amber and why she is retiring. Sam felt he had good reasons for leaving at the time, Amber's Mother always pointed out his lower class life. Compared to her daughter, well he just wasn't quite good enough. Afraid he would hold her back from her dreams, he was determined to better himself.

In this story of first loves getting a second chance, both Amber and Sam find out secrets never revealed before. I was glad they got their HEA. While I think the author did a fairly good job of making you believe they had been first loves. I think to much time was spent on the details of the clothing worn, the scenes instead of the true feelings. I question Sam's 180 degree change of heart about children, he must have been jet lagged. 

I have to admit this book was a struggle to get through. The writing just did not flow well, and it didn't hold my attention. There just was no spark at all. This was not a case of errors within the writing or misspelled words, the book was error free in my opinion. It just didn't connect. I feel this book will easily be forgotten. I felt more of a connection between the three friends than I did Sam and Amber. 

3/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.