Popping the Cherry by Aurelia B Rowl


Reviewed by Desere

There are many firsts in life for all of us but undoubtedly the one that will always stand out is our first time with yes unfortunately sometimes the right one sometimes the wrong one.

Some are lucky to have the first time go off without a hitch and it even lasts a lifetime, but others will tell you that loosing their virginity just plain sucked, either due to the setting being wrong, the guy or girl being the wrong one, just about anything can be blamed.

The new read from author Aurelia B Rowl tells the story of Valentina, all her first's have been a disappointment from driving to any first in any relationship they all failed somehow so what she is worth is debatable.

Her friends decide to intervene and create Operation : Popping the Cherry in order for Valentina to find the right guy to loose her virginity to and have the perfect first time, no failures allowed.

Valentina however finds herself rather wanting to avoid the whole Operation and instead finds herself spending more and more time with her best friend's older brother ( talk about the ultimate fantasy for we all know that best friend's brothers are usually so tempting) and as the a deep friendship forms the web of finding the one and holding onto friendship becomes more and more entangled.

This was a fabulous read, I very much enjoyed the author's touch of giving each and every chapter a little theme, it let me know what was coming next yet at no stage was it predictable in the sense that I see the chapter title and think "Ah okay so that's what's most likely going to happen".

I loved the how the author gave me enough insight into each characters point of view to bit by bit layer back their emotions and finally emerge as one.  But as it happens in some reads of this nature the authors tend to give a little too much insight and it ruins the story for me, as am all too quickly able to figure out where it is going, Aurelia B. Rowl did not push too far nor did she give too little for me to grasp onto, the perfect dose of he thinks, she thinks, okay they think.

Yes, in this read I could tell that Valentina and Jake are meant to be but the author kept it almost secret drawing it out and letting it all burst with a explosive finish. I enjoyed the backdrop settings and found the dialogue a mixture of emotional and deep understanding and delightfully intriguing.

The character of Valentina was fabulous s! The author really let her perspective of the situations shine through and Jake was the ultimate gentleman genuine perfect hero material!

I am taking away a message of when getting to the first time for anything , take it slow. When the time is right you will know it , and even if you make the mistake of thinking it is the right time and it turns out it is not you will have the memory of knowing that you tried whether it's driving, kissing, jumping, sex no matter it will all fall into place eventually, just don't ever give up. What you seek might be right in front of you.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of young adult reads, you will take away a powerful message of life has it's up's and down's but it also presents opportunities worth waiting for and the memory of terrific brilliantly written characters. Excellent work Aurelia !

5/5 star review
" Popping the resistance to love"