Outback Bride by Louise Reynolds

Outback Bride

Reviewed by Shirley

When every dream you ever had has been battered into the dust, what do you do? Pick up the pieces and build a new life like Lara did.

Disillusioned by the betrayals around her, Lara Burke shook off the dusty red dirt of Jinbaburra and Sturts Crossing, and fled to Melbourne to construct a new life. Now ten years later, matured, sexy, and successful, she has reluctantly returned. But her brother's death is not the only unexpected revelation she finds, and each new discovery brings its own complications. Can she shake off the dust for a second time or has fate given her a another chance at forgotten dreams?

Lured by the bright lights of Sydney and hungry for the anticipated approval of his father, Jake left Sturts Crossing and Lara behind ten years ago to make his fortune. But after six years he realized he had only replaced a neglected childhood with an empty shell of high powered meetings, glamorous girlfriends, and shady deals. Disgusted with the path he had taken, he returned to Sturts Crossing and his own acquired property,Tambero. Only one thing would make his dream complete...Lara. But could he repair the damage he had done so long ago or was he destined to lose her forever?

They had each taken different paths in life: hers-forced on her, his-dangled in front of him. Now they have a chance to regain dreams they thought long ago lost. Will they take it?

Which has the tighter pull for her- a city life with law partnership or country life with Jake and a family?

Can he recapture the dreams of a family with Lara or is it just another illusion?

I tremendously enjoyed this book. Well developed characters with an interesting plot provided several hours of reading enjoyment. I found myself laughing, smiling,sympathizing, and crying throughout the story. I would recommend to anyone who loves a good romantic read.

Highly recommended! Excellent read!

I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

5/5 stars     Can you really go back and recapture the past?

Outback BrideReviewed by Desere

Everyone has dreams and most of us manage to find the courage and know how to push on till those dreams come true.  But it is of course not always everything you want, and when we get there it is sometimes too late to go back.  You have no choice but to live your dream and forget about what you've lost on the way to get to your dream.

In the new Louise Reynolds read this is the case for both Lara and Jake. They both set out to find their dreams leaving behind each other and also life as they knew it. Lara because deceit had taken it's toll and Jake because he wanted to make something of himself,  but tragedy strikes and brings their roads together again. Lara has her biggest dream within her grasp and Jake has his standing right in front of him, now all Jake needs to do is convince Lara to stay and forget about her dream but having left her behind before means that this time getting her to stay in his arms will be the ultimate test of faith.

The characters of Lara and Jake were both very nicely written by the author and I adored that the author let this read be a couple reuniting story!  I loved that Lara pushed so hard for her dreams , what really got me was her doing so with the "I need to get away from here " element it showed her as a real character to me, most of us prefer to run away from our problems instead of facing them head-on. I adored how the author slowly lets Lara find her way back home and to what is important in life.

The character of Jake was oh-so-very-yummy-kiss-me-now-and-don't-you stop material. I loved that the author let him try to be a worthy person and make something of himself. I have heard many stories of men that left behind the woman of their dreams because of this and of that but never have I ever heard of them going back or trying to get a second chance, they simply let it go and moved on, dealing with feelings of emptiness for the rest of their lives. Jake doing the right thing so to speak really got to my heart and I could not get enough of him!

The backdrop settings were vivid and very well incorporated by the author. I loved the dialogue, it was emotional, passionate and insightful. I am taking a way a message of we all need to work hard to achieve our dreams but when the dream is within your grasp take a minute to stop and think about what you might be leaving behind,  for another chance might not come around, be certain it is what you want and not just you running away or after something you can live without.

I recommend this read for any romance fan, it was a quick and easy read sweet and sensual and had a very nice emotional tear jerker ending!

5/5 star review
" He wants her back , but she is holding onto the past"


Reviewed by Nas

Outback Bride: : Destiny Romance

OUTBACK ROMANCE by author Louise Renolds is a Destiny Romance release for August 2013.

Lara Burke had run away from her family homestead and made a name for herself in the big city. She was about to be made a partner in a prestigious law firm. But why gad she run in the first place?

Then Jake Forester came looking for her bringing her bad news. She had to go back to the outback, but would she remain there?

Would the lure of her big city life take precedence over the family life she craved? What about the secrets in her past?

OUTBACK BRIDE is a fact paced, well written romance. Louise Reynolds brought to live strong characters with snappy dialogue, and tender, sweet and exciting moments which will keep a reader riveted from the first page.

Highly recommended.


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Outback BrideLara Burke should be on top of the world right about now. She just had a verdict overturned and is on the fast track to becoming partner at the law firm she works for. She has accomplished her dream after leaving her home of Jindaburra. When she finishes her press conference she comes face to face with the one man she never could forget Jake Forester.

Jake Forester left Lara Burke behind at Jindaburra, when she needed him the most. He sought a life with his billionaire father. But after reaching for the things he thought he wanted he realized he left the best part of his life behind. He returned to New South Wales three years ago and purchased a cattle station next to Jindaburra. 

Lara expected stares and whispering from the small town of Sturts Crossing, after leaving so fast ten years ago, what she didn’t expect was to find little Jessie, a niece she knew nothing about. I loved that the author threw a twist to the story line of Jessie. One would expect Lara to be left to raise her niece but Mike and Fiona left guardianship to Jake. And he took the role on brilliantly.

If ever there were two people who deserved that second chance at love with each other it is the characters of Jake and Lara. Both were in my humble opinion to young, and needed those life experiences to realize what matters most in life. I also enjoyed the way the author gave Lara the time to figure out what she really wanted and needed. I just melted at the breakfast that Jake made for Lara. It is those little aaahhh moments that just warm the heart!

I recommend this to all fans of romance.  Especially those with a western theme.

Favorite lines:
‘Let me tell you how I see it-‘
He gave a mirthless laugh. ’Can’t see that I can stop you. You’re on a roll.’

5/5 stars

I received a copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review.