More Than Just Pretend by Claire Baxter

More Than Just Pretend

Reviewed by Desere

I am sure most woman will admit to falling in love with a guy in high-school and then hitting a point where he no longer was what she wanted and called it off. But have you ever stopped to think what it did to the guy, did losing you break his heart or did he simply go out and grab the next girl?

Changes are you have no idea and you might be shocked to find out what his real reaction was. This is the case for Gwen, now a divorcee and living with her daughter in what use to be her parents house. The house is old and in dire need of repairs, and along comes the repairman who is also her high-school sweetheart.

But watch-me-repair-your-body- Tyler has no interest in a relationship with Gwen, she hurt him once and it nearly killed him, so instead this one is a case of 'I'll take the action but none of the responsibility, simply because I need to protect my heart'.

This leaves Gwen in more of just a little pickle for her heart is in this all the way, but not if she can't convince Tyler to stick around.

The character of Gwen was a great stand up and take one day at a time woman. Life has not been easy yet she does not give up she takes a step by step approach at facing her problems and dealing with everyday life. Of course it does not always work but it is none the less a great technique and ensures that you don't fall into depression when life gets too hard to face, nice touch Claire!.

The character of Tyler was to die for hot! And layered so stunningly by the author that I wished I could simply cuddle the man myself and take away his fears.  I loved that the author gave him the "do em and leave em" image it yes, almost bordered on revenge towards Gwen but also showed the man is a real man in trying to protect a heartache guaranteed to send him to the pits of despair.  

This read was only eight chapters long and a very cute, sweet and emotional little read. I loved the message of holding onto the past and not taking a chance at the future when presented with it, is a mistake you will life to regret for you will never be able to erase it from your memory.

I recommend this read for romance fans looking for a easy, sweet and sensual read. The perfect Sunday afternoon pick me up read!

4.5 star review
" He can repair her faith in love, but can she do the same for him?"