Whose Bed Is It Anyway? by Natalie Anderson

Reviewed by Nas

WHOSE BED IS IT ANYWAY? By author Natalie Anderson is a September 2013 release by Harlequin Kiss series.

James Wolfe was a reluctant hero. He was a hero because he went into devastated areas to save people. But he didn’t enjoy the media spotlight in him.

Caitlin also had run away from media scandal. But James’s twin George had loaned her their condo, thinking James was away on his overseas mission. When James came back unexpectedly, he found Caitlin asleep in his bed and his shirt. Utter chaos arise.

But then James found himself helping Caitlin sightsee New York. He was attracted to her. And couldn’t stop himself from being drawn toward him. But what was he hiding? Why was he not visiting his family?

WHOSE BED IS IT ANYWAY? Is a fun and hilarious journey between two media shy characters. Caitlin is a strong heroine. She is forced down on her luck but she came up fighting. The sensuality and chemistry between Caitlin and James is scorching hot.

 Natalie Anderson writes emotional and sensual romance and this one is not different.

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.


Reviewed by Desere

Running away from our problems is something all of us do, not always but face it most of us do on a regular basis, you simply cannot deal with it or don't have the energy to face it at that moment and you think running might somehow let you find the solution.

Completely normal, but for us normal everyday people no one will think it strange, it is simply human reaction, but when it is a celebrity the world somehow sees it as wrong and simply unacceptable and unfortunately for the celebrity it makes is also much more worse as the more you hide out the more attention you get.

And when you run from one scandal straight into another and you once again need to contemplate a plan of action to get away from it all, it is a clear sign that the longer you run the more trouble will chase you.

In this read from Natalie Anderson we meet always keep a bad-girl image so no one will know just how fragile you really are Caitlin, she is running from scandals, lies and the mess that is her life. She finds a hideout and is happy to get the chance to ride out the storm only she is awakened by I-am -all-the-hero-you-need James.

James is furious that instead of getting the rest he has been looking forward to after yet another long heroic save the world trip all he is getting is a hot sexy woman sleeping in his bed! But he soon puts his rage away and brings out the nice guy personality he is known for. He shares his space but it is not long before the chemistry between him and Caitlin soars beyond the stars and the start of a holiday fling gets into full swing. The perfect de-stress relieve they both need, that is until the fling is so much more than just sex and the running starts all over again.

The character of Caitlin was brilliantly written and I adored her, she was one of those very real characters that you can relate to and simply immediately know that the words " I do this too" is very appropriate. Her keeping up this image of bad girl simply because she does not want to be hurt was a really strong and valuable element to her character as it showed that everyone no matter who we are, we all hide behind a fa├žade of lies to ensure we survive the battle that is life.

The character of James was simply put, the perfect guy any woman wants to take home to her parents, instant approval! But no hero is ever perfect, deep down there is always a little something that makes them less of a hero and more human. The author did a terrific job at taking the man of steel and breaking him down to being a man.

The backdrop settings and dialogue were hot, hot, hot sexual heat, emotional bliss and pure sexy flirty fun! Am taking away a message of running from life is never the answer.

We need to face our problems head on, but when we are as fragile as can be it is still acceptable to run however, during your period of running make sure that you look deep into your heart as to what you are running from, when you find the answer you will be surprised at just how lame it seems to be running from it, finding the solution is far easier than you think.

Life knocks you down, get up and make the best of it all while keeping a smile on your face, it will break your enemies and infuriate them for they will never figure out the real you, leaving you a chance to live and have fun without a care!

I highly recommend this read for fans of Natalie Anderson books, a sexually charged, fun and entertaining read with a terrific message for us all on the run.

5/5 star review
"He is the hero she needs, but will he come back to save her" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

What can I say about this quick read by Natalie Anderson? Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. I loved it. It has just about all the ingredients I love in a romance story. It was funny, sexy, passionate and heart wrenching.

James Wolfe is a physician returning from a rescue mission, when he finds a beautiful woman in his bed. He mistakes her for a call girl “not a good way to start any relationship”.  I loved the character of James, he pushed himself for years, not feeling worthy of anything after an accident as a teenager. But the passion he shows Caitlin is just breathtaking. I also loved how he stood up for her with her sister. but that is what days without sleep will do to a person. Exhausted he falls face first into a deep sleep.

I truly fell in love with the character of Caitlin Moore. So misunderstood, and used by others. She grew up as a child actor, something she never wanted to be. So she started acting out and drew the kind of attention no one wishes. Now a paparazzi favorite it doesn’t matter to the media if they print the truth or lies. She spends so much of her time hiding with only a couple of really close friends. When she is offered a chance to escape to New York by a close friend she jumps at it. Expecting to be alone until the media dies down, she never expected Sexy James Wolfe to arrive home.

These two were just so much fun. While James did need to grovel a bit, both in the beginning and the end, the exchanges between them kept the book interesting. The passion was really good, barely coming up for air the first go round. I love a romance book that has humor and this one kept me entertained.

I recommend this book to lovers of romance with some humor thrown in.

Favorite lines:
‘You think you’re irresistible?’ He glanced back from the bathroom door, his thumbs hooked into the waistband of his boxers, that wry-but-wicked smile on his lips. ‘I guess we’re about to find out.’

‘You know that only counts as one, right?’

5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from the NetGalley and a printed copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.