The Rings That Bind by Michelle Smart

The Rings that Bind

Reviewed by Desere

Let me start off by saying this was not your average normal everyday Harlequin Presents read! Yes it had the same story line as most, a bastard of a hero and strong and determined heroine both with secrets from the past and then coming together and up against a world of obstacles. But with so many delicious, totally yummy to die for super intense differences, that yes it had me more than once flipping back to the cover to confirm I was indeed reading Harlequin Presents book.

The read is about Rosa, abandoned by her mother at the age of five Rosa has always been focused on rather getting her work done and not getting emotionally entangled with anyone, for the second she does the person is bound to walk away from her, she knows they have reason, there is something wrong with her she has just never really been sure what.

However, eleven months ago in a mutual agreement of" you help me I help you" she married her come-for-me-and-only-for-me boss Nico. But soon she realises that her attraction to him has become far more serious than the day she started working for him, she needs to get out and she needs to get out now, before she finds herself attached by more than just the ring on her finger. That is until Nico touches her for the first time, will all be lost or will they both find what they have been seeking for?

The characters of Rosa and Nico where both extremely well written and clawed their way into my hearts very early on in this read. I felt true sadness for poor Rosa, having your mother abandon you at such a young age must be a terrible set of cards to deal with, but the author also made Rosa strong, confident and ready to show the world she is ready to make it, unlike some unfortunate children from the same background that go the route of drugs or crime, yes ladies I cried my eyes out at the intense sadness the author used to describe the life of Rosa.

Nico was the perfect 'tortured' hero, that much like Rosa had to fend for himself from a young age even with his father around, but he had more intensity than other tortured hero's from similar reads, the author gave him more drama, more flair, more passion for life, and even though the man is a complete bastard at some stages, I still fell for him and could not wait for him to discover the true man he could be.

The backdrop settings were simply exquisitely described by the author and it was as if I could smell the ocean and touch the waves, simply magical! The dialogue was unlike another Harlequin Presents I have come across, the author really packed a emotional punch with her words, the emotions being played out were all levels of serious intense, I laughed, I yelled, I cried ,I felt each and every emotion right along with the characters and I could not stop reading, the author had me entertained, intrigued and simply fascinated at all times.

I will also add there is a serious, serious very hot, passionate and steamy storm-sex scene in this read that left me thinking " Now why can other Harlequin Presents books not have this much heat?" Absolutely brilliantly done Michelle, you had me double checking the cover again!

I am taking away a message of when lost one will always be found by the one special person that will show you the road ahead is much better faced in unity then alone, all you need to do is never look back, always look forward.

The author brought the past, future, conflict, passion, insecurities and despair into play so perfectly, the read had me wishing for my very own Nico to come and rescue me!

I highly recommend this read for any fan or romance reading, if you have never ever even considered reading a Michelle Smart book or so much as looking at a Harlequin Presents book, this is the one to start with, it will leave you running for the stores to grab any and every copy you can find in order to escape the world and all it's troubles. Michelle as the gift to transport any reader to a world of romance so scorching hot you will feel like you just stepped into the hottest place on earth! Pure, magical, sexy, sensual romance at it's very best!

I look forward to the next read from this author, write faster Michelle I want more as in NOW!

"5/5 star review
"Vodka shots leads to a lifetime of commitment, trust and love"