Daring to wish by Tracey Rodgers

Daring to Wish

Reviewed by Desere

Everyone of us as at some stage felt as if we were being controlled either by our parents about which career choice we need to take, or who we need to date or marry, or by friends who want to push us into something that we really do not want, or worst of all in a romantic relationship, simply because we want to feel loved.

Most of us crack under the pressure and just do what ever it takes to make everyone happy and never once stopping to think of our own happiness, and then we simply put it down to our human nature and at least everyone else is smiling.

But what we fail to realise is that in actual fact we are slowing killing ourselves, we are handing over the reins of our emotions, our every survival instinct and soon there is nothing but a empty shell left ready to be cracked open by anyone and everyone, used for anything and we have no strength or courage to fight back.

In this read from author Tracey Rodgers we meet Eve, fresh out of a controlling relationship she is ready to take on the world and find her groove again, to ensure or rather convince herself she can take the first step out the door she creates a wish list of daring adventures she wants to do before she turns thirty.  First wish on the list is to kiss a stranger no problem, or so she thinks. She ends up having one of the most intense kisses ever and lands herself the perfect candidate for wish number eight sex with a stranger. But she does not count on the stranger being no other than my-touch-will-be-the-adrenalin-rush-of-a-lifetime Lucas, a temptation she finds more addicting that life itself.

Lucas is ready to let go of his badboy image and step up to take on the family business and sees no problem with having one last fling especially if the fling involves long,hot sex filled nights with Eve, that is until she learns that he saw her list, time for Eve to run and run fast she is in control and plans on keeping it that way, unless Lucas can lead her back to his arms with a final wish so daring it will forever change their lives.

The character of Eve was so amazing simply because she was so extremely realistic, through Eve I saw many women of today. The damage to their self esteem, the low rating of everything they do, what they eat, how they look, what they wear, it was all there shouting out the incredible power control can have over someone when they are weak. The author showed that when one already has a low self esteem that it simply takes one person to either break you into a million pieces or carry you back up to the top. I loved how the author let's Eve change throughout the read, she goes from shy un-confident and lifeless to the absolute perfect image of happiness.

The character of Lucas stole my heart, he was just so many wonderful elements wrapped up into one seriously delicious come-and-get-me-I-dare-you-to-kiss-me-senseless-I-want-you package, that saying he left me breathless would be an understatement. But what got me the most was him being so sensitive, kind , caring and simply perfect in everything he did and said all while being the spitting image of wilder than wild badboy . He is one of those hero's that simply has the power to make you forget anything about everything and make you want to escape to anywhere he wants to go simply because of his personality and not the goods on display.

The backdrop settings and dialogue were pure excitement laced with humour, sweet sexy heat and loads of sexual explosions. I simply adored the private words of deeper meaning and hidden emotions of trust between Lucas and Eve it brought me very close to tears as realisation hit, so many woman face this very situation everyday, not getting out soon enough or getting out only to never really make it out completely the same.

The author's look at what goes on in the mind of a person trying to keep everyone happy whilst forgetting to focus on their own happiness was very well written and the look at the person trying to free the other person from that hole of despair was heart-warming, touching and very memorable.

I am taking away a message of the power of love and trying to be accepted by the world can be so cruel it can destroy you but it can also save you if your willing to see the light. I highly recommend this read for any and all fans of romance, a extremely sexy sensual eye opening read with loads of emotion and an absolutely thrillingly fun and fresh exciting ending.

5/5 star review
"Be careful what you wish for leads to the dare of a lifetime"