The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal by Adite Banerjie

When your childhood was ruined and your parents’ lives were destroyed by a ruthless businessman, what is the thing you’d like to do most?  To bring down the monster who blighted your young existence, naturally.  And what do you do when that monster’s son, who seems to be a really nice man, proposes marriage to you?  You accept, of course.  What better way to get your own back than to walk into that ruthless villain’s house as his daughter-in-law?  And how better to bring him down than from the inside?  The inside of his family?

But the truth is, Maya Shome is far too nice to be a negative character.  Oh, she has human instincts, naturally.  But she stops short of doing actual harm.  She engages our sympathy from the outset with her sad story, which actually brought tears to my eyes.  And Krish, the hero?  The handsome international playboy who pursues Maya, he wins us over by his wish to make his own life and not just to live in the shadow of his powerful father.   That’s why he finds his own bride, instead of sitting back and letting his father use the most important relationship of his life as a career move.  Multi-talented Maya, as well as being a talented landscape designer is also a qualified dance teacher, a skill which comes in handy when she first meets Krish. The two end up tearing up the floor with a killer tango performance, making it clear to all present, including the girl to whom Krish’s father is trying  to betroth him, that the pair of them belong together.  End.  Of.  Story.

But of course, it’s not really the end of the story.  Once married to the powerfully attractive man who Krish is, Maya must now execute her revenge plan in right earnest.  But how can she do it?  She finds it difficult to lie to him as she is pulled deeper and deeper into love.  What can Maya do?  And will Krish succeed in escaping his father’s powerful clutches and get out into the world to pursue his own destiny?

This story will draw you in and give you a couple of hours of pleasure and ultimate closure.  It’s a perfectly written story which is also a perfect example of why readers the world over enjoy Mills & Boon novels.  Because they draw you out of the humdrum everyday realities and give you a good time.  Whether the reader is Indian or not, this story will certainly strike a chord with romance readers.

If I took anything away from this book, it’s the lesson that we have no control over our origins, but we have a lot of control over where we go in the future.  The choice is ours, to decide whether we end up bitter – or better.

A truly enjoyable debut  romance novel from Adite Banerjie.  I hope that not only Indian romance readers, but also international romance readers, will get the opportunity to get their hands on  this book.


Reviewed by Nas

THE INDIAN TYCOON'S MARRAIGE DEAL is a September 2013 release by Mills & Boon India.

First the cover is sort of misleading. The cover image gives the impression that this is a Bollywood movie or a comic type of story. Which it was not!

This is an astounding story of family, betrayal, love, romance...sigh...and ultimately resolution. I loved this story. The heroine, Maya is strong, talented and very honest person. The hero, Krish is gorgeous and fun-loving yet sensitive when he is needed to be!

This was a new to me author but I would definitely be reading her other books. Author Adite Banerji wrote a heart-warming story which would hook you from the first page as you flip pages to get to the end. It is an emotional romance peppered with family values and betrayal.

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.