Gullible Desi Girl: Book Two by Aditi Chopra

This is the second part of Aditi Chopra's Desi Girl Trilogy, part I (Ambitious Desi Girl) of which was reviewed here.  This volume moves the story along.  The handsome Raj from Kanpur in north India and the American born Mahi formalise their union, tying the knot in Kanpur, Raj's home town.  They have one of those big fat Indian weddings and enjoy every moment although one can feel mother in law/daughter in law tension developing, when Raj's mother insists on having her say in all the arrangements, even those which don't concern her.  Raj and Mahi go for a honeymoon in Hawaii and then head back to the USA, where they resume their jobs and adjust to their newlywed state.  Their first project together is to purchase their own home.

Although the pair are initially harmonious, due to the fact that they're madly in love, the strain of working in the same company begins to show, giving them both a lot of tension and heartache. Office politics rears its ugly head and one is left guessing as to whether or not this union can survive.  The black moment in the relationship, when it comes, is quite unnerving and in fact, this second part of the trilogy ends on a cliffhanger, which left me feeling a bit frustrated.

Book 3 is yet to come and I feel sure that Raj and Mahi will work on and resolve their differences.  Yet I wish there had been closure in volume two for this matter.  Raj and Mahi's story can certainly run into a third book, even if Book 2 had shown completion of the problem in hand.

Aditi Chopra is an expert in management issues and I'm sure is equally expert in office politics, which uniquely qualifies her to write a novel like this.  Written in her distinctive Indian English style, I enjoyed reading this story and look forward to the third part.

So, bring it on soon, Aditi!  Can't wait to read the rest of this story!

4/5 stars