If You Want Me by Tara Mills

If You Want Me

Reviewed by Desere 

Imagine having the woman of your dreams in sight, you take aim but before you can fire your best friend shoots first and sticks to landing and the woman of your dreams is now his arms and seeing her happy is all that matters, so you back down for years.

You hang around to very discretely make sure she is okay and that your so called best friend doesn't hurt her, all the while keeping your love a secret, waiting for the opportune moment and once finally in your reach you grab it with both hands, only she needs a night of wild sex and nothing more how can you convince her that you want it all?

This is the situation that Ryan faces for years he has wanted Naomi so when she calls him up for a one night stand he is over there in a flash, no man can resist having the woman of his dreams finally in his arms and the start of something take form, but the next day Naomi makes sure to have her best friend Becky intervene and keep Ryan away and all because she knows she is ready to jump his bones again at any minute but she is not so sure Ryan wants full time so why start something that will surely end up in heartache. But Ryan has other plans, now that the woman is in his arms he will do anything to keep her there.
The character of Naomi was really cool as I thought the author showed through Naomi's actions that we all hit a point where it is all too much and we get a little lost but that hitting that low is not always a bad thing, sometimes it gives us the courage to grab what we really want, but afterwards our minds clear and the doubts set in. We over think everything about what we have just done. The key to remember is how vital communication is towards those we set our actions to during our low point.

The character of Ryan was super hot and so adorably sweet he melted my heart from page one! The author showed that he is the type of man we very little see or hear about, the kind that has such a good heart that they would do anything to ensure the happiness of those they love even if it means killing their own feelings along the way. I loved, loved, loved how the author let him hit the point of no return and gave him the courage to take what he wanted when the time was right.

The backdrop settings blended with the storyline very nicely, it all being set during a wedding gave the perfect romance feel, even the pool scene mirrored the reflecting of both Ryan and Naomi's life. The dialogue was hot, spicy, sexy, sensual and delivered a pack on every page.

I am taking away a message of communication is vital when you want to make your dreams come true, making your feelings known might not end with you in the arms of the one you love but if you don't take that chance you will never know.

I highly recommend this read for each and every single romance fan out there. It was short and sweet filled with loads of spice, tension and so super hot the pages practically took flame!  The perfect one hour escape to hot, passionate romance!

5/5 star review
"Now that he has her there is no way he's letting her go"