Confessions of a bad bridesmaid by Jennifer Rae

Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid

Reviewed by Desere 

Walking in high healed boots, dragging along her luggage, freezing her butt off and attempting to stay upright and make it to her best friend's wedding is not the picture Olivia had when she packed her bags and headed off for the event of the year where she could let go and get some hot action!

Nor did she think she would be stripped bare of her make up or her soul before the weekend is over. Or that in the arms of Edward she would discover she is more beautiful than she ever knew.

In this read from Jennifer Ray she takes a look into the lives of Olivia and Edward and how everyone has an issue from their childhood that leads the way to adulthood being everything it is not meant to be, or to not truly be enjoyed as it should.

Olivia and Edward at first have nothing nice to say to each other at all, but soon they both realize their passion for each other and Olivia is more than happy to follow through with her plans of getting the sexual satisfaction she has been craving for over a year.

But Edward is not the kind to fall at the feet of any woman nor into bed, he prefers to do the deed in his dreams only. Olivia is outraged! He wants her she wants him so why can't she get the man between the sheets. When realization dawns she's once again is thrown back into the past.

The character of Edward was one of those hero's that has all the charm he needs to charm the pants off any woman, yet he refuses to actually use it. Shocking ! But when the author started letting more and more information surface and I was able to form a picture of what his issues are and just why he would rather live in a world of grey and dull instead of adding some color to his life, it gave a new meaning into the always responsible element, and quickly I became very attached to him.

The character of Olivia was a breath of fresh air, not the usual kind of heroines you might think to find in these reads. She was outrageously OUT there!. I loved this touch and all the crazy wild and weird stuff Olivia does. It showed her as a free spirited person but at the same time when her reasons for being so out of whack are revealed, it showed just how badly we all want to fit in, and how deep the scars of appearances can run.

The backdrop settings were very quint and fell nicely into line with the deep sadness and heartache both characters are hiding. The dialogue was a little bit of feisty mixed with passion and deep emotion.

I am taking away a message that when life becomes dull, don't let it drag you with it, rather embrace any and all forms of color that comes your way, if you do not you will be nothing but an empty soul.

I recommend this read for romance fans looking for something a little deeper than just a mere romantic wedding get together. Deeply emotional, sweet and sensual.

4 star review
"Color bursts into his world wearing feathers and boots"