Ripped by Sarah Morgan

Reviewed by Desere 

I honestly do not know which part of this read was hotter! The totally delectable cover him in chocolate and whipped cream lick him clean all night long Nico or the explosive level of heat and chemistry that Nico and Hayley share !

I was addicted from page one and I found myself in stitches, yes this read had loads of crazy funny humor from start to finish and I was practically rolling around on the floor with laughter and  I had tears streaming down my face, truly excellent job Sarah!

The read starts out with Hayley attending her no good ex boyfriend's wedding, and as it happens the woman he is marrying is Hayley's best friend, shocking I know but all part of the author's genius plan!

Hayley's plan:  get in there smile and get out without drowning in her own humiliation.

But this little tit-bit proves to be the least of her problems , once there she is more focused on keeping her breasts confined in the a dress that takes ugliest dress of the year award to a whole new level.

She fails! Her rescuer is no other than the best man himself, smoking hot Nico Rossi, pure Italian perfection.
But Nico has never approved of anything Hayley has done and his ice-y looks of disapproval has always let Hayley known that this man is as unemotional as a rock, mind numblingly hot, but completely emotionally unavailable, and therefore a dead end.

But being rescued, then have a string of Italian swear words directed in her direction and then being kissed senseless and left sexually frustrated for days was not part of the plan either. So when he shows up on her doorstep as her Christmas present , she has only two choices.

One is to indulge in her fantasy to find out if Mr-in-my-arms-you'll-go-to-the-moon-and-back is as hot in bed as he is gorgeous, or two, go online shopping for something she is pretty sure she will not enjoy ripping open.

I completely and utterly loved, loved, loved this read! Each and every level of hotness any romance fan wants from a sexy read was incorporated. The author hit each and every note of sinfully sexy, delectable, mouthwatering romance awesomeness.

The best of all for me was that Nico was not only smoking hot and ripped in every aspect of everything the man does, but that he was Italian as we all know those are the best kind of hero's and even if you don't love a Italian trust me after reading this book you will be wanting one to rip you open faster than you can take a Ferrari from zero to 220 mph!

But don't for one minute think this book is all hot sweaty sex, being the queen of sizzling sexy romance this author also brought to life the sweetness and emotional level of understanding and togetherness for Nico and Hayley, making this the perfect HOTTEST Christmas read of the year ! Oh and did I mention there's a secret involved too!

5/5 star review
"Ripping open Christmas presents just got seriously hot! " 

**Copy provided via Netgalley