When Falcone's World Stops Turning by Abby Green

When Falcone's World Stops Turning

Reviewed by Desere 

The expression "My world just ended" is one I have heard many, many times before, but never really personally fully experienced.

So when I get to see if from another's point of view it is always interesting to find out just why they seem to think their world has just ended.

In the new trilogy from Abby Green she tells of the lives of three brothers and the woman that will bring them to their knees and make their worlds indeed seem like it just ended.

In the first installment we meet the first brother,  Rafaele Falcone and the one woman that he has had an addiction to from day one, but not wanting to be controlled by a woman as his farther was he finds the courage to walk away from their relationship.

But four years later he is back and wants her more than ever until he discovers her treacherous secret, and he has no control over anything anymore, except when it comes to the bedroom when Samantha is in his arms, or does he?

The character of Rafaele was one of those dark and mysterious hero's that makes you from page one get up and take immediate attention. Arrogant and a real bastard till the very last minute, which of course for me as reader is something I completely adore! It keeps me on the edge of my seat, digging for more and waiting in bated breath for the awesome moment he comes to his senses !

The character of Samantha was a really gutsy heroine, understandably she does make a choice she at the time feels valid but the author through this character made it clear that even if you feel there is no other choice there always is, and sometimes it is necessary to be controlled.

The secondary characters, and yes that includes a tiny little glimpse into the lives of brothers two and three, were extremely interesting. The author crafted a world of secrets, mystery and anger around each and every one, letting me as reader know that each one is hiding so much more hurt then they let on and in the next installments I am guaranteed to discover it to be even more fabulous!

The backdrop settings were simply beautiful and so romantic. The sexual tension in this read was so super, super hot and I very quickly became very addicted to seeing how this will play out, it really was as if I was just as addicted to the characters and their lives as they were to each other.

The dialogue was so very classic Abby Green, wild and crazy sexual heat and pent up frustrations leading to exciting moments of conflict and drama. I was able to take away the message that when young and
un-knowledgeable we are not able to take into full account what we see and this leads us to make assumptions and guide our own lives in the wrong directions.

I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for a deep, dark to die for hero coming face to face with reality, and the start of a trilogy that if the first book is anything to go by, will no doubt be utterly fabulous!

A sexy beyond imagination, unbelievably hot and super gorgeous read! Bring on the rest Abby I need more secrets to be revealed!

5/5 Star review
" He wants control, but in her arms there simply is none" 

**Copy provided via Netgalley