Before by Nicola Marsh


Reviewed by Desere

If you have not yet read Brash by Nicola Marsh you are in some seriously awesome luck ! The author has written the prequel to where it all began and given me as reader a even more in depth look into the life of Jess and Jack and just how strong the bond is that they formed years ago.

The read tells of Jess and how many years ago she travelled to Australia and met hotter than hot Jack! He throws her off her feet but not only is her brothers best friend and we all know that is no no as far as rules amongst the men go, but she is also only visiting and when the time comes to return home will he let her go or will he?

I normally do not find many prequel reads that truly give me that extra glimpse into the before and usually I walk away with very little new info, the author made sure to give me everything I wanted and tied it in perfectly with the main book Brash.

The simmering hot new young lovers meet heat in this read was sensationally written. The backdrop settings of gorgeous Australia were stunning depicted and blended so well with the heat between the main characters.

The dialogue was as always can be expected from this author SUPER AMAZING! I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance with a sweet, sexy and fresh new look at how it all began and ended before it began all over again !

Thank you Nicola for letting me into the lives of J&J TWICE !

5/5 star review
" Getting into his arms is easy, remaining there is the hard part"