Ricochet by Cherry Adair


Reviewed by Desere 

The men of T-FLAC are back and they are sexier, hotter and more awesome than ever!

This time around the author takes us on the journey of to-die-for-sex-on-legs-make-my-knees-go-weak-take-me-now-am yours Grayston!

In the middle of the most important mission of his career he comes face to face with the one and only woman he has ever loved and also left at the altar three years ago.

He immediately goes into high alert, he needs to get her out of harms way along with his idiot brother and not to mention he needs to ensure this mission turns out successful.

For anyone that knows this authors books you will immediately know that for her characters such as Grayston this is all in a days work and no problem at all!

Grayston and Hannah were both phenomenally crafted by the author and I could not stop myself from wanting to jump up and start rooting for them from the first words written.

Hannah is a true kick ass heroine that stands up for herself and others, and takes no prisoners in getting to her goal. Yes, she does bounce out of control every now and then when she sees a dead body by hey us females are allowed our girl-y moments whilst still trying to uphold that fighting spirit!

Grayston did not only completely entrance me from page one ( okay I know the man is hot and therefore guaranteed to entrance any woman) but it was more his inner turmoil that grabbed my attention. I simply had to keep reading to find out what happened to him and the author kept me on the edge of seat with the suspense and when the she popped the cherry it was like an instant explosion of "Now that makes total sense", proving once again this author knows exactly how to get a readers attention and hold it till the very last word is written.

Backdrop settings were vividly described, guns blazing, bombs going boom, fists cracking you name it, it was all there , it was if I was apart of the war zone and madness happening.

The dialogue was classic Cherry Adair, full of wild, crazy, sensual oh so sexy heat and passion, but also with that perfect dose of emotional kicker moments that balanced it all into perfection!

Adair has once again shown why she is able to captivate her audience with an extreme large dose of action, kick ass hero's,strong confident heroines,  masses of bad guys, one seriously awesome plot and an adventure you will never forget! A sure shot read that will aim right for every adrenalin screaming bone in your body!

Go forth and read Cherry Adair , I-a-dare you!

5/5 star review

" Who ever said your ex ricochet-ing back into your life was no fun"