English Girl In New York by Scarlet Wilson

 English Girl in New York

Reviewed by Desere 

Lots of people have traveled the world only to end up in a place where you fall so head over heals in love with it all , you decide to stay.

But this new life does of course not always turn out the way you pictured it, among-st the glittering lights and vibrancy of Manhattan the heroine from this read finds hiding her heartache is far less easy than she thought.

Carrie climbs the highest of heights but fails to gain a smile from her sexy neighbor Dan but when fate or rather a little bundle of joy brings her up close and personal she is in for a whole lot more than just a smile.

Only her pain and sorrow stays hidden, something that Dan intends to bring out into the open, but cracking the tough nut that is Carrie proves easier said than done.

I loved. loved, loved this story to bits. It was one of those perfect romances that just had everything falling into place! My mind would conjure up the outcome or the say this or do that and it would happen!  Yes, to some readers this might sound a little too predictable but to me it was a really nice way of picking up on just how much the author knows her audience.

A story written to show sadness can be turned into something so beautiful it will teach you a lifetime of lessons. The character of Dan was very awesome, I really liked that he is so much in touch with everyone around him, always doing good or trying to save someone. It showed him as I think everyone in life should be, for when doing good let's face it, you might not get rich from it but you will be loved and that is the best reward there is!

The character of Carrie was very, very sad. And at first I thought she was going to be one of those heroines that has so many or such strong issues that it would take forever for the hero to bring her around and into the open, but that author surprised me by letting the character flow very easy and I found her road to happiness very intriguing.

The backdrop settings were so, so, so romantic and sent my heart all into a flutter! The dialogue used by the author was one that I found delightful mixed with just a hint of playful and lots of sweet sensual heat.

I am taking away a message of connections with lots of people will come and go, it's part of life but when that one true magical connection comes that is so strong and overpowering, don't panic and run. Grab it with both hands and never ever let go!

I recommend this read for all fans of this author's brilliant work! Romance perfection!

5/5 star review
"Tired and broken, only he can save her" 


Reviewed by Nas

ENGLISH GIRL IN NEW YORK by author Scarlet Wilson is a Harlequin Romance release for January 2014.

Carrie McKenzie finds abandoned baby on the doorstep during a snowstorm. She brings the baby in to her downstairs neighbor, cop Dan Cooper. But Dan asks for Carrie’s help in looking after the baby as he doesn’t know anything about babies.

Would Carrie be able to help Dan? She has been running away from her past and babies. So how can she help look after this tiny bundle of joy?

Dan reads her sadness but hesitate to ask her. Would Dan’s view change when he comes to know of Carrie’s past?

ENGLISH GIRL IN NEW YORK is a heart-warming story which would hook you from the first page as you flip pages to get to the end. It is an emotional romance with the baby mystery.

Read this astounding romance to find out all answers. Author Scarlet Wilson once again mesmerizes her readers with her characters emotions.  Highly recommended for all romance lovers.


English Girl in New YorkReviewed by Nancy Crocker

English Girl in New York: When New York is hit with an early blizzard it brings together two neighbors, and one abandoned baby. This book touched on so many emotions. It had me laughing out loud as many times as it had me crying buckets of tears.

Carrie McKenzie is in New York working and trying to forget her past. The one thing she can’t handle is finding an abandoned baby on the doorstep of her apartment building. Panicked, she knocks on her neighbor’s door for help.

Officer Dan Cooper is home, after breaking his wrist earlier in the day. He is shocked to see Carrie at his front door with a baby. He knows he needs to help, but he has no experience with an infant. So he talks Carrie into staying to help him with the baby.

Scarlet does an amazing job with the emotions of these two. I felt shattered when I read what brought Carrie to the United States. The characters were very well written, as well as the scenes. The plotline was believable. The ending was a little rushed for the timeline set in the story. But this is still a book worth reading.

I highly recommend this book to romance readers, just make sure you have some Kleenex too!

There were a number of really humorous exchanges between the hero and heroine. Here is one of my favorites:

‘How can all that stuff come from one tiny little thing?’ He really wanted to pinch his nose shut.
Carrie was shaking her head, too, as she made a dive for the baby wipes. ‘I have no idea, but the next one is yours.’

5/5  Stars

I received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.