Christmas Nights with the Polo Player by

Reviewed by Desere

Resisting a bad boy is never easy, there is always something so exhilarating and sinfully sexy about them that yes the only applicable saying would be
 " Resistance is futile!"

Unfortunately bad-boys are the kind to see how many hearts they can break and how many velvet robes will part with just the right smile.

In this read from the always very super talented Susan Stephens she brings one seriously delicious bad-boy to life and the woman that brings him to his knees or is that gets him to bring her the Christmas sweets?

The character Lucy falls head over heals for bad-boy Gabe but from the start knows she will live to regret every moment, except the phenomenal sex. Other than that there is no point in the whole affair Gabe will never change and she will never be the one to walk away with everything she wants.

That is until Gabe reveals the true him and her world falls in to perfect alignment with every 'physic' power she has!

I really liked the main characters in this read. Gabe was simply so sinfully sexy,  he is one of those hero's that just makes you go "Come sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas"! I truly adored the manner in which the author dug into Gabe's mind, it let me feel completely in touch with his POV, which is something I do not always manage to find a romance read.

Lucy at first felt a little too immature to deal with the sex only relationship, which as I mentioned she thinks this is, but the author very nicely turned her around for me and I very much enjoyed how Lucy blossoms into seeing things from Gabe's POV instead of just her own.

The backdrop settings were really very Christmassy and felt very calm and loving. I loved the dialogue in this read, one minute it was hot and heavy the next sweet and sexy then so emotionally revealing it left me with a glimmer of tears.

I am taking away a message of when making assumptions of others you are bound to find yourself at a loss for words when that person is revealed in whole other light.

I recommend this read for anyone looking for a really great love story with that special touch of Christmas magic.

4.5 star review
" He takes her to new heights of love" 

Review by TashNz

Time is short in the period leading up to Christmas!  I found Christmas Nights With the Polo Player by the awesome Susan Stephens the perfect length novella!  I was able to finish it in one lunchtime sitting (well dont tell the boss but maybe a lil... just a lil... extra time was spent at my desk, I couldnt put it down)

The best thing about Novella’s when they are done well is they quickly get to the point, no mucking about and in 10 chapters we got to revisit the delicious Acosta’s, meet Lucy (Holly Acosta’s best friend) who is working for Gabe Ortoya, one of the Acosta’s cousins, and who also happens to be the current captain of the Brazilian polo team.  

Gabe also owns the nightclub Holly is working at to supplement her income while making her way thru vet school.  Attraction is at an all time high and Gabe isn’t used to the ladies backing away so he pursues Holly when fate (well actually matchmaking Holly) places them both as guests at the Acosta’s Christmas Party.

I love this novella for the chance to revisit the Acosta’s; for the fast paced read which I enjoyably raced thru, for the yummiest characters and because  It packs a punch in the emotional stakes.  Lucy is cute as a button, feisty as  and naturally gorgeous.  Gabe is just the yummiest man in Polo world (bar the Acosta’s).  He knows what he wants and goes after it with a passion that left me breathless.

Christmas Nights with the Polo Player is ummissable if you've been keeping up with the Acosta’s or if you’re looking for a fantastic Christmas themed love story sure to crank the heat up for those celebrating Christmas in the currently chilly Northern Hemisphere…

4 Stars :D