Mistletoe Bachelors by Jennifer Snow

 Mistletoe Bachelors

Reviewed by Desere 

Okay so life gets really turned up side down in this read, but in a awesome way! From the blurb you might think "Noway am I even going to try and piece this one together as it sounds a little too much is happening".

The read tells of Madison and how a single business assignment sends her life from pillar to post in the worst possible way, with a of course is all she actually needs for it seers her right into the arms of her very own hero.

This was such a crazy fun read I adored each and every single word! From where she meets the bachelors and discovers one of them is her ex husband to when the very tempting Cole Harris pops up when least expected.

Each character was stunningly crafted and although there were so many to follow and like, the author totally made  it work!

Not once did it feel too overwhelming as in some reads there is this character and that one and then ten more and it becomes too much and all I want to do is shout out " What was that character's role again now or what did he or she do again". I particularly adored how the author let Cole and Madison really take the time to learn about each other, so romantic and sweet!

I loved the final outcome of this read, it was a little bit of what I expected it to be but also with a nice little twisty feel. All ties where neatly wrapped up. Sweet, sexy, sensual and just plain fun!

Well done Jennifer!
4.5 star review

" Playing for keeps" 

**Copy provided in exchange for a honest review