Her Client From Hell by Louisa George

Reviewed by Desere

All of us has had a client from hell. You want to quit your job, run away and stick your head into a hole, hide out in the janitors closet or call in sick.

Yep, clients from hell make us all want to do pretty stupid things, but in the end we do need to deal with them, because of that annoying little saying " The client is always right".

In the new read from Louisa George this is what Cassie learns the hard way. She knows she should not let anything stand in the way of making her new business a success and this includes having to jump at the every wish of her new and very irritating but most of all too sexy to handle client, Jack.

Now any normal woman out there would deal with it in the most professional way she knows how, but Cassie goes the route of letting Jack end up in her bed.

But even with his clothes looking so very right on her bedroom floor there is still that nagging little voice telling her this is a recipe for disaster, you're not meant to mix business with pleasure, or are you?

I loved this read, it was so full of craziness and sexy humor it left me laughing out load and saying over and over again " Thank you Louisa George, this is why I read your books".

I liked that Cassie is so determined to succeed but at the same time she is just human and makes mistakes just like you and me. It showed her as realistic and through her character the author let me know that as in real life we get to a point where were think we have done the most stupidest thing ever, yet a voice of reasoning is what we are meant to be seeking instead of blaming ourselves over and over, blame is an emotion that can drain our senses more than anything else. Stack up the pros and cons and do what you have to.

Jack, ah Jack what a man! This is my new book boyfriend!. Yes he is a utter jerk at the best of times and yes I wanted to yell at him and ruffle up his perfect hair just a little, but even with this I was just as Cassie was, completely entranced by this man.

The author takes him from downright jerk to amazing hero, but she does so over a nice moving pace and not too dragged out to the point where I wanted to say " Get on with it already would you!".

In some romance reads the hero's stay utter jerks right up to the very end, and I cannot get over the fact that the author is not showing me a little more emotion into his actions. This is good for keeping me guessing but I am not really after a mystery but a romance. So the author letting Jack's good side slip in here and there made it so much more fun to read and kept me hopelessly in love with him and forgetting that I wanted to ruffle him up!

I am taking away a message of love is love no matter the form it comes in.  We might be telling ourselves that this is not the way we wanted it to happen and we have other issues in life we need to deal with , but the fact remains, it did happen and if we stand back and let it go without a fight we will be looking back with pain and heartache instead of being thankful for the love that came around and brought us to the one we are meant to be with.

5.5 star review
" There's no messing with Mr Perfect's Hair, well maybe just a little " 

Reviewed by Nas

HER CLIENT FROM HELL by Louisa George is April 2014 release by Harlequin Kiss series.

Cassie ran a catering business but was struggling as her ex and business partner had ran away while emptying her bank account. Then in walked a new client, whom Cassie needed for her business but he was so arrogant!

She could do without Jack's ego, but the sexual chemistry between them was off the charts!

Jack was so not for a commitment. All he was up for was a fling, but would Cassie take a no-strings attached-fling-only relationship from him?

HER CLIENT FROM HELL kept me guessing right from the beginning if these two would ever end up together. It had fun, witty dialogue and scorching sensuality. Author Louisa George did a great job with tortured hero with past grief and turned him into a sensitive hero.

Recommended for all lovers of romance.

4.5 out of 5 stars.