His Hometown Girl by Karen Rock

His Hometown Girl

Reviewed by Desere 

You know that feeling you get when you are so unbelievably sad for others that all you want to do is grab hold of them, hug them and tell them it will all be okay?  Or when you are so over the moon happy that you can't stop smiling and just want to shout it out to the whole world?  Well those are just two of the emotions I felt during this read.

The read tells of Jodi and just like every loving mother out there Jodi will do anything to help her son receive the medical attention he needs. Of course having to return to her hometown is not ideal but what must be done must be done.

But when she arrives it very soon becomes clear that her mission is going to be no easy walk in the park or in this case the farm's fields, and it's all because of the one and only man that has always been able to push her buttons both bad and good.

However as every mother knows, nothing stands in the way of helping our children and Jodi is not about to back down easily, only Daniel has the same fierce determination. Only their unspoken love for each other can save them both, that is if it's strong enough to withstand life altering decisions.

This was one of the most incredible stories I have ever read, and if I did not know it was a book I would never had believed someone if they told me it was made up, it was all just too real to be fiction.  It was as if the author did not write the characters herself but rather got real life people to sit down and each write their own part.

Issues such as Autism , unspoken love finally voiced and being tested, a mother having to do what is best for her child, and a man needing to learn how to love both mother and child and accept the mother's decisions are just a few subjects that were explored in this read. The author did a remarkable job with every real life element being described, the entire time I felt as if the author did not just slap this book together, she really took the time to make sure she is informed about every serious issue and it truly showed.

Some reads have the making of a good story but then the focus of the real issues are muddled up with the author not taking the time to research the truth behind the issues, so thank you Karen Rock for taking the time to properly research, in this read everyone will learn something that is vital in so many ways of life.

Jodi's character was the one I could personally most connect with, as a mother I know that doing the right thing can make it seem like there is only one way of doing it, but the author showed me through this character that sometimes what we think is best could very well be but, we need to take the time to listen to others opinions instead of just following our own set of rules, you might just learn something.

Daniel was a spectacular character, I truly loved how he blossoms from this really focused on his goal person to one that is able to see the other side of things and be ready to voice them too. Through this character I learned that we might think we have shown the world our feelings but until we voice them the world will truly never know what goes on inside our heads.

This was such an emotional read for me, I laughed and I cried my eyes out! I was right there with the author wanting to grab hold of the characters and tell them it will all be okay. It was so intense I wanted to climb inside this book and just do anything and everything I could to help. I truly felt the heartache, the pain, the despair and the happiness, exceptional job Karen!

I am taking away so many wonderful lessons from this book that they are simply too many to list, I will say the one that stood out for me from them all was , don't judge. You don't know what everyone is facing, when you see a father in tears it might be because he has just lost his wife and does not know how he will raise a child alone, or when you see a mother that looks like she's about to tear her hair out stop,and think for a moment, maybe her child is suffering some uncontrollable mental illness and no matter what or how tired the mom is she will deal with it because she loves her child yet it still does get to her sometimes as it feels like she just wants to do more but can't.  Never judge those you know nothing about, instead stick to the golden rule of humanity help, all that you can.

I highly recommend this book for every reader out there, it is an absolutely incredible read that will touch every single emotion you have ever felt in life.

5/5 star review
" Home is family and family is home"