The Summer They Never Forgot by Kandy Shepherd

Reviewed by Nas

THE SUMMER THEY NEVER FORGOT by author Kandy Shepherd is a Harlequin Romance release for February 2014.

Sandy Adams wanted to get away as far away from Sydney as she could to start a new life. It was her thirtieth birthday and the day her ex was getting married. On her way to start a new life, she turned to a small town for lunch. It was the same town where she had spent the summer with her family when she was eighteen. And had a summer romance with the town’s favorite son, Ben Morgan. She had thought Ben had betrayed her by not contacting as they had promised. Then she met Ben again. But was he the same person he was twelve years back?

Ben had lost so much and had been hurt in life. He had a suitcase full of emotional baggage now, could he be the same carefree person for Sandy again? Could they look beyond the short time they had together for something longtime? Could Ben move on from his past grief and forge a new start with Sandy? Or would Sandy settle to being second in Ben’s life after his grief?

THE SUMMER THEY NEVER FORGOT is the heartwarming story of two teens falling in love, having to separate by circumstances and getting back together again. Author Kandy Shepherd brought to life a gorgeous but tortured hero who couldn't give his all because of past hurts and a strong, feisty heroine who would settle for nothing less than all. The chemistry and sensuality between Ben and Sandy sizzles. The emotions depicted in the story would touch readers heart.

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Desere

Taking a stroll down memory lane is something we all do at some stage of our lives. It might be just because at that current moment we feel lost or you might be at a point where you are thinking you would have been better off if you made a different decision.

But no matter the reason , for most of us the fact remains that we will simply never get back what once was. Unless a second chance is in the cards for us.

As is the case in the new read from Kandy Shepard. On impulse Sandy Adams takes a detour and ends up back in Dolphin Bay. She runs smack bang into Ben.

Once they shared a beautiful relationship together until certain circumstances tore them apart.  Now they have a second chance at happiness but in the twelve years that have passed they have both become different people and it is not as easy as " Okay let's do this again without any trouble".

I really liked this read. It was a very nice focus on a trip down memory lane and the transformation of two people years after they once knew each other. I adored that the author used the difference in personalities to show both characters in a different light to each other.

It reminded me that as we become older, we do change it is not always for the better but for the most part it is, but that does not mean we will be able to simply fall back into a previous pattern or relationship as easy as one, two, three.

And this is so vital to remember when we come face to face with our past. Don't think the love of your life will simply just automatically focus on only the good you once had, there is always more to consider.

Both main characters were very well written and I loved them from the start, but particularly I fell very hard for Ben. The man was a lost soul just needing to be healed, and I rooted for him all the way to find happiness with Sandy.

There is a very stunning message in this read, one that we can all remember and take with us every minute of the day. Life is so short and if we get the opportunity to have a second chance at happiness or at anything really, we need to take it.

Sitting back and only giving focus to the bad that once was will only make the entire situation so much more worse. You will never know if you once again let go of happiness and years later will still be left with the wondering of it all.

Take a chance and never let circumstances deceive you, there is always something deeper hidden in everything in life.

4 star review
" The return of summer love, blossoms into an endless summer of happiness"