Wanton Heat by Nicola Marsh

Wanton Heat (A Feel the Heat Novel)

Reviewed by Desere

What would you do if you had the opportunity to make the deal of the century in your business career with a totally off the hook hot Italian Price?  Make your sales pitch and when he turns you down head for the next deal?  Or try a different tactic?

In the newest Nicola Marsh read the heroine Zoe does not back down, she goes straight for the next option, kidnapping!

Yes, you read it right I said kidnapping. That's of course not the next tactic any normal person would follow but it is the one that Zoe takes and it leads to unexpected nights of passion in Prince Dominic's arms. But the joke is on her as she soon discovers the Prince is after so much more than just nights of hot sex, he wants forever but she doesn't do love, does she?

I very much enjoyed this read, it was just as hot as other Nicola Marsh reads but twice as emotional and explosive! I completely adored that Zoe has this bad-ass go get 'em never give up attitude, not many people in life have this and for the most part they back down when turned down in any situation. It made Zoe one of those "I want to be this woman" heroines. Her issues with love did make me sit up and say "Really woman it's a Prince and he wants forever, which woman does not want that?"

But as the author dug deeper into her issues it became clear and I was very impressed with the manner the author used to let the character slowly come to terms with taking a chance. It also reminded me that what we see on the outside is not always all there is, people hide more than we think and we cannot ask the why's without the knowing it all.

The character of Prince Dominic was sensational! From the very first time the author brings him into the picture my knees gave way, my heart melted and I got all butterflied up! He is one of those hero's that if he was walking past you in real life you would immediately want to know more about him , not based on his good looks but simply because he has this certain air of mystery surrounding him. I loved how the author let me into his world of mystery and by the end of the read I had this perfect to die for hero.  I loved how the author let this man go from playboy Prince to " I only want to live for you" hero, she dug deep into his issues and showed that even when you are a royal you are still human and you can also have emotional upsets to deal with , and most of all with all your royal attributes you can still learn a lesson or two.

The backdrop settings were so inviting and so very real, I could feel the island breeze and the warmth of the sun, it took me to an island escape one can only dream about. The dialogue is very hot and super emotional, but also has some crass wording here and there and I will advise that if you are not into that kind of reading this read is not for you. Having said this I will also remind you that this author writes very realistic characters and in real life no one goes their entire life without letting an expletive slip every now and then.

I am taking away a message of when we think we know it all , and those around us start to get pushy with ideas on how you should be doing things, we need to stop and listen instead of just brushing it off. The person might not sound like they have the best idea and of course your ideas look far better, yet it could be life's way of telling you it's time to learn something new and not carry the weight of every decision on your own.

I recommend this read for anyone looking for a scorching hot read set on a secluded island where dreams can come true.

4.5 star review
" Kidnapping, stripping a Prince naked and having crazy wild sex on the beach. All in a days work at the office" 

Reviewed by Nas

WANTON HEAT by author Nicola Marsh is a February 2014 release by Entangled Brazen.

Zoe Keaton has to land this contract. The Prince just has to say yes, no matter what. It was her life and reputation on line here.

But Prince Dominic Ricci has no intention of saying yes to her pitch. So Zoe with the help of the Queen mother kidnaps the Prince. But is the Prince really kidnapped, because he is enjoying himself too much!

WANTON HEAT is a scorching hot and sensual romance. Author Nicola Marsh writes sizzling sensual romance and this one is no different. 

Recommended for all lovers of romance.