Anything for love by Darry Fraser

Reviewed by Desere

All of us has done just about anything for love. You might have given up the best friend you ever had in the name of love, or changed your style to please the person, or even given up the career of your dreams.

Heck some woman have worn the most outrageous outfits complete with whips and chains just to get a guy to love them back as much as they love him!

Whatever it may be there is no mistaking that we all will at some point do anything for love. In this read from author Darry Fraser she introduces us to Tilla and how she decides to take a chance on love with I-might-be-domineering-but-you-still-want-me Kent.

Only when he proves business is more important then she ever will be she starts to regret her 'do anything for love' plan, but it's too late she has lost her heart and has no way of getting back.

I really, really liked this book! It was such a stunning story of love found and obstacles overcome it made me cry!

The author crafted stunning, memorable characters that crawled into my heart very quickly and very soon I found myself emotionally connected with them both , so much so that at one point I was yelling out at them to " Just get on with it, you are both being stupid!", and yes the old lady sitting next to me in the shop thought I was mad, after-all I was yelling at a Kindle!

The author kept me entertained with little twists and turns, just when I thought " Okay I know what's going to happen", the opposite would , and loved every minute of it!

Backdrop settings were very well described and I found myself lost in a little world of paradise. I am taking away a message of doing anything in the name of love, is not always the best decision you can make, but sometimes it is necessary in order to learn if you missed out on the best decision of your life instead of having to live with the regret of never knowing.

It yes might break your heart and will hurt for a lifetime, but you will at least know you went for it, and you will always have the memory of a life lesson whether good or bad.

I recommend this read for anyone looking for romance in a business setting with a very nice little twist of fate.

4.5 star review
" In the name of love she'll take a chance, but will he?"